Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Approve of You!

HAHAHA!  No, really.  Tonight is "Approve Pending Transactions" for my company - it's just part of the job that I have to do.  I wait to make sure that the work got done, and I basically approve the work so that the person who did the job can get paid.  I always think that this part is so funny because it's like I'm saying "I approve of you".    It's really not that at all - it's that I have made sure that the contractor completed the job that they committed to for our client.  These nights are fabulous because I get to stay up and find ways to pass the time.  I get to look around and figure out what I would do instead of sleeping... all the way until Midnight.   So, thank goodness for Blobs, Facebook, and plenty of YouTube videos about how to say the Spanish Alphabet!

Just as a thought though, I often find myself wondering why is it that we care so much about what others think.  Especially when we are online expressing ourselves?  Half the time I do not know who is responding.  I don't know what that person is doing in their daily life of the background that they come from.  However, it seems so important that I reach them - or that we connect in some way.  Now, this particular entry was meant to be short and sweet.  I did not necessarily want to get into all of the ho-hum psychological semantics about human behaviors on this night.  But, I hope that all of my readers know that regardless, I approve of you. :)  

Have a happy night and keep reading and growing!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 - Ahhh, blobbing at its best

So many things have happened since the announcement of the misses - for example - almost 5 months past.  Can you even believe it?  I know that I can't.  We were so darn busy around here that I just put the blob down and didn't even think twice about picking it back up again.  Quite frankly, it might happen again this semester too!  Who really knows what the future will hold?  Well, I don't - but I can always speculate.  So, here a a few updates for those of you that care to take a peek.

1)  It is with great pleasure that I announce that I have applied and I was accepted to finally graduate from SLCC this spring.  
(I stole it from the internet- BUT - I am pretty sure that this is what it will look like)

Ahh, what does it mean!?!?  Well, it definitely means that If I take another 7 year break due to my job, I won't have to take the math placement exam again (And pay for it - AGAIN).  This semester I am taking statistics and Spanish - and don't be surprised if I start posting in Spanish too. (Just kidding).  So long as these classes go well, which I am confident that they will, then I will be in the clear to graduate and I will transfer back up to the University of Utah where I will finish the remainder of those courses and finally be done!  As of right now, everything is going according to plan. (Mwahahahahaaa!)

2) I reactivated the Blubber Blob and started a new diet journey with Take Shape for Life / Medifast / and Lori (You can click on her name to go to her website - she is only the BEST COACH and BEST FRIEND EVER!)  The link to the Blubber Blob is at the top of this site here.  Anyway,  I lost 10 pounds the first week alone.  I am on week 3, but my goal is to find my jawline again.  (Man, I seriously hate having a double chin...).  
(This is not me - my hair is red - but it's a good representation of my serious lack of a jawline)

Anyway - the TSFL Medifast plan has been working very well for me - and if you are one of my awesome readers and have been struggling looking for something that will work and you don't have to plan out, this is seriously the plan for you.  Give it a try - really - go to the site, and give it a try.  GO.  Go now!

3) D-Man is now in the. (Wipes the tiny tear from eye) Oh, they just grow up so darn fast.  At this rate he will either be graduating from High School with Kadoodle or College before me!  WTG D-man!  WTG!

4) This was posted on Facebook:
And then - just before the new year hit - She arrived!
Meet Gamora!  (Yes - the name from Guardians of the Galaxy)

Isn't she pretty?  We are still getting used to her, and she to us, but after three weeks around the house she is starting to take over.  (Just as we suspected.... right?)

Those really were the most major things that happened over the last 5 months.  Oh sure, there was lost of other stuff that happened too - but I figure that I would stick with the most major of the stuff for now.  I hope that everyone had a safe and happy new year and that you all check out my Medifast Journey on the blubber blob - because so far, it truly has been fabulous.  Until next time!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Big, BIG changes around this joint -

As most of you know - I work at Obeo.  Actually, I've worked there for a long time (7 years now).  I have done everything from Billing to Processing images.  I was even the  customer service manager for a while. This year the company is seriously growing by leaps and bounds.  (some areas more than others) and Obeo has invited me to make a change in my career (Which will allow me a unique kind of flexibility).  With great changes comes great responsibility too - so, I would like to introduce you all to the newest Customer Service manager with Obeo - The Misses.  (Yes, you all read that right).  

So, Obeo interviewed several people and after all of the dust settled they offered the job to the Misses.  Not to worry though - they have separated us in the building.  He took over my cubicle in the back and they moved me to an office in the front.  I am now the assistant to the Midwest regional area until they find someone local that can go in for office visits. 

That's the short and dirty version of it! I figured that it was about time for an Update since it was official over three weeks ago - right?

Those are not all of the big changes, but that's the first Major one.  Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

Well, here we are - new home - new Ward.  AND LO' - the angels did speak and proclaim that I would be the girls camp director once again. (And the heavens did rejoice at the awesomeness)

SO - I perused the internet and found a theme for camp - Frozen. I know that you are all singing in your heads RIGHT NOW - "Let it go! Let it GO!!" but, refrain for a moment.  I really could not have done this so quickly if A.) I had not been called to this previously and B.) if the ladies at Let's Get Together and Sugardoodle did not have such fabulous ideas already planned out.  Really - they are AMAZING.

So - today's blob will show just a few things that I did do differently outside of their planning:

1) Lanyards - I did these last year and they are SO AWESOME.  The only difference is last year my partner in crime is the one who sewed them.  This year - I was the one that made the Lanyards.

So, I found the instructions from the Lovely Ladies at Jo-Ann Fabrics on YouTube - turns out, these little babies were so easy to make - BUT, they are very time consuming.  All that dang ironing...

You can find the video tutorial right By clicking on this wonderful link that I am providing to you - Right Here

And Here is the finished product - 36 Lanyards made with awesome snowflake material to go with our theme.  By the way - the lady at JoAnn's thought that I could get 36 of these out of 2 yards of fabric.  Not so.  3 Yards will yield 36 of these babies... Just making sure that you are all aware in case someone does not know how to do math in the store that you visit...

I also like to do pillow treats.  I saw this one a few years ago on another site - however, I can't find the link (otherwise, I would link it back here).  Anyway, same concept, a pair of sunglasses with a tag that says "Look for the Good in others & in yourself".  I got the sunglasses from a local retailer in Salt Lake City that I actually found on Ebay.  They were willing to sell me the right amount of sunglasses so that I would not have to bid on them.  You can find them at this link on Ebay . Pretty sweet if you ask me. So, I have 35 pairs of sunglasses, 36 lanyards, and a lot of work left to go.  Girls camp is only 2 weeks away and I still have to put secret sisters together and everything... UGH!  (Why did I get this calling again?)

Anyway, let me know what you think?  I love more ideas and feedback on whether or not you would even use some of these ideas with your own girls!  Happy Summer Everyone!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Donning the super sexay clean room outfit.

There is a specific process that must be adhered to when going into the clean areas of any Biopharma company - on this job, it was no different.  However, this time I decided to take pictures.  Why ?  Well, mostly because it's really hard to describe to the chillin's what I do when I come out on a job.  These jobs are not very glamorous - but they do teach quite a  few things that you would not expect to find in a regular environment... So - let's begin!

First - when you come into the area you must put on a clean pair of booties over your street shoes.  This prevents you from doing something crazy - like tracking in disgusting things from your feet.  Secretly I wish that every house made you either put on booties or take off your shoes - Secretly.

Next - you have to locate the size of the paper coverall that you are going to wear.  This is a super sleek piece of apparel that helps to keep your regular clothes clean whilst working in the harsh laboratory environment.  Not to mention it keeps the wandering particles that are on your own skin and clothing from escaping into their supposedly sterile environment.

Next - you are going to want to be certain that you visit the facilities because once you get all of your gear on, you will have to do a full dress down just to handle any business.  So - Make sure you Go before you dress up.

Though we know that you were certain to wash after your visit to the potty you will also need to sterilize those pretty paws.  You will want to take a minute to use some hand sanitizer or spray alcohol to make sure that all of the germs that traveled with you have been eliminated.  

I'd like to tell you that this part is the easy part - but it's not.  Actually, this is the part where you get to go and don your fantastic paper suit.  In most places you will want to be sure that you don't let it touch the floor. . . and this balancing trick will prove to the onlookers whether or not you are sober enough to perform the job at hand.  Slide this hot baby over your clothing to keep those nasty skin cells and clothing fibers in, and those disgusting things that they are making in the lab OUT.

Then you get to move into the next room where you will be able to complete your outfit by accessorizing with a deliciously stunning hair net.  Just grab one - they have plenty to go around - and slide it over that sexy mane you have.

Then you get to grab a big booty!  Awww - come on now - you know you like it.  Anyway, slide that sucker right over your stylish blue booties and up to your knees to keep out any other nasties that might be on the floor in the clean room.

You will tie this beautiful piece of footwear right over your ankle - see how lovely it looks?  Make sure that you put a fancy bow in the front because it might be the only thing that you have to distinguish yourself from the others in the lab.

This is my most favorite part - and it is something that I think that every home should have  - it's a sticky welcome mat. You walk over this industrial sized piece of fly paper and it takes anything that was on your feet off of your feet.  Amazing right!?!  Anyway, you walk over this to the other side of the clean getting ready room and you only have a few steps left.

If you are wearing a ring, you need to wrap up that sucker because even though you sprayed yourself down with alcohol, and you used hand sanitizer, your ring can be a petri dish for disgusting germs.  (Plus they don't want any gemstones falling into the product and contaminating things, so they ask you to tape it off for those reasons).

And finally  - double check yourself in the mirror to make sure that you look awesome and put together like a professional. :)  That's it! Easy Peasy right?  You Look Good!  (No - YOU look good!)

And here I am in my deliciously sexay clean room outfit - I know that you all want one for your very own - like a Marshmallow Man... It's awesome.

Til Next Time~

Working in Seattle

So - we are working in Seattle for the next few days - and though Chemical Passivation is not the sexiest of jobs - it can be a lot of fun when you are with family working on something productive and fulfilling - right?  Every time we come out on a job there is an adventure - (Ok - almost every time.)  Naw - it is every time.  Just depends on who is with us for the severity of the adventure. 

 Most of the time SOMEONE (Ahem... Doc) will set off an alarm.  Typically it is the fire alarm in their Extended Stay room -  but this time it was an alarm in the facility.  Either way, there will always be an alarm that goes off - I'd put all of my perdiem on it.

Also - We have our imaginative co-workers that are always looking for ways to have fun (or places to sit down) -  that's is really the most important part - sitting down - because it REALLY hard work standing all day long - and I do mean REALLY hard work.  (And hot - in these bunny suits - sitting by hot hoses - it gets Hot Hot Hot --Not cold)
Doc then takes the time to make sure that everything is looking good with the systems - It's gotta look it's very best, or we aren't moving forward at all.  (And we always like to move forward)
    1.   Also - the food here - is TO DIE for. :)   (Actually, I whipped that deliciousness up all on my own - and the best part is that no one died from eating it).    It is true - you do have to get creative on a 2 burner stove - and our dishwasher is probably the loudest dishwasher on the entire planet, but it does work.  Even better than all of that goodness is that my roommate knows how to cook - so i haven't had to get too creative on what to make this time around.  Typically it's a Hungry Man TV dinner and some ice cream to get me by for the week.  This time I'm livin' high on the hog (in a manner of speaking) - and I haven't bought a whole bunch of food that is going to waste. :)