Thursday, February 21, 2008

Family Visits Are So Much Fun

When my family comes to visit, we end up taking a lot of pictures - Just for fun. Here are some of my favorites from the last visit in October. This first one is (of course) Kennedy. I just love how she is so photogenic.

Rick and I went to Kennecott with Dad and Ronda and Ronda's Mom (Whose name has escaped me right now, but it will come back later, and when it does it will be too late... and I will have to edit the blob). Anyway, twas really windy on said day of the visit - and my hair would not have any of the idea of behaving. Oh well. Not only did my hair not behave, but neither did my dad. You would think that he would realize that Rick is MY husband - and not his. :D HAHAHA - but seriously, we had a good time with all the joking around. My dad is just silly - LOL.
I know that I look like a deer in headlights, but look at the cheezy grin on D's face. I mean, seriously cheezy. We were at Ye Olde Sketty Factory - and apparently he liked it. I wasn't the biggest fan of the food though, they had some KILLER mac and cheese for the kids.
Bridal Veil Falls - and it's not really "falling"... Where's the water? Where's the cascade of blissfully chilly water? At least the guy standing next to me looks good. He compliments my hair. :D
This is the TRUE side of my family. The side that we try not to let out too often. Agnes and Mr. Stink-eye! Watch out for these two. It's like a jekyl-hyde thing with them.The sisters. Don't ask what I am doing there - I don't even know... but the pictures where I am actually LOOKING at the camera my eyes are half closed. So, this is the one that gets to be posted. BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!

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