Monday, April 14, 2008

I am just not used to this site yet...

This is from our Zion's Trip - I like it, but it's tooooooo far away to get a shot of the hot guy that was with me that day. :(

It's been a while since I've been here. I know that. I am just not used to this site yet. So, let me give you the update -

Rick and I finally got over being "sick" though I have this wretched cough that will NOT go away. I have decided that when the time comes and they send down the worst plagues known to mankind - rest assured that I will succomb to the very first one, and be glad that it’s over with. I mean, seriously - for me this stuff just hangs on and won't leave.

I finally got the pattern and rhythm down for Ecoasiasse (Ludwig Van Beethoven). It’s sounding pretty good too. AND - I am starting to get Le Caroline as well. Pretty stoked about that one people. The piano always came easier for the other sisters. Vocal for me. But, maybe there’s hope just yet.

I still have the permanent house guest and I am only hoping that Rick will decide to finally tell her to go away. I mean - it's stressful even though she is doing her best to not be in the way - she is in the way. With finals and whatnot, I have just had it with her being here - so, if anyone wants to come and kick her out for me, I would be greatly appreciative because I just don't know how to do it.

Rick doesn't have a job yet - but I am hoping that changes within the next three hours. AND I finally got all of my rolls of film developed - for only 10 bucks! :D So, here are some of the pictures from those adventures!

This is my friend Snarff - being himself - at our birthday party in September ... I have nothing more to say about this picture... it should speak for itself...