Thursday, May 29, 2008


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Random Thoughts at 11:55-dom

As always, I slack when it comes to the typical update. Perhaps this is because my life is pretty usual, usually. I mean, I have a routine - and typically it doesn't vary too much (If I can help it). So, after a while what is the point of blobbing the same thing... right? Well, I came here tonight, and I wanted to blob something... but there isn't much going on right now... So, I will give you my typical update and hope that I don't bore you to tears with it all.I didn't fall completely off the wagon with the "weight-loss" thing. I mean, I started, I stopped, (too many things happening) I started up again. As always, getting back on the horse harder than starting off the first time around (sometimes). But, I have made it three days and done pretty good so far. (Other than the Little Debbie Snacks that I have hidden in the house at random spots in case I need them). My sister, Ais, is doing a great job keeping me motivated. She's also great at tempting me... telling me that she wants a chocolate shake and then talking me down from it... MAN... I could so go for one of those right now. BUT, she's been right there with me the whole time and she shows up nightly to make sure that I don't slack off. She gets me to do extra laps, keeps me breathing and laughing, and I really couldn't ask for any more than that. I am so happy to have her around to keep me going. (Because there are days like today when I would much rather not keep going).

What I don't get is why it is that she's starting to look great... thinning out and stuff... and I am not. She may not see it, but I sure do... so why is it that I am not? I don't eat that much junk food... AND, I have almost cut out fast food entirely. Three days in a row I have been doing this. I should see results by now! Guess with her being older she gets to do everything first, including lose the weight, huh... Man am I envious or what!

Today I told Darrell that he was getting to go on a "Father / Son " Camping trip this weekend. Now he's all sorts of excited about a "Boys night out". I have never heard him so upbeat about things that HE gets to do that Kennedy does NOT get to do. Ooooh, how he rubbed in the fact that they were going to be doing smores and hot dogs and "Activities!"... (Though he doesn't know what yet... it doesn't matter, it's something without girls and that is the most important thing of all). As for us girls, we will be doing things like Painting our toes and scrapbooking and watching girly movies. FUN THINGS... But it was just a trip to hear D talk about his weekend with Nathan, Rick and Tim. Hopefully it will be everything that he's imagining in head.

Kennedy starts swim team on Monday, Darrell in swim lessons on Monday. Today he swam down half of the length of a pool without help. He's doing so great. Kennedy finally figured out how to use a kickboard and not slow herself down in the water. I'm pretty darn proud of that one there. She's doing so well. She's just a darn natural when it comes to swimming. I can't believe how well those two picked it up, really. Just unbelievable.

As for Kennedy, they had an economic fair at school. They had to get a business license and a bus pass to go to other "Cities" (Classrooms) to buy things and sell things. So, we set up her store - Kennedy's Knick Knack Store - and she sold monkey bracelets and peace necklaces and a bunch of other things like stickers and tattoos. She came in second place for having the most profitable store. I am so proud of her. She even said - "When I saw that the bracelets were going fast, I thought ""Maybe I should Up the price so I could make more"" but then when I did they didn't sell so fast anymore so I had to lower the price again"..... man, that little selling fiend! See if I shop from her store in the future!

My best friend, Lori, is flying on a Red Eye flight tonight to come and visit her daughter in Utah. I get to see her - this is the highlight of my young life every three months or so. I will have to post about all of our cross-stitching / knitting adventures over this weekend. I am sure THAT should bore you all to tears, but it will be so much fun for me! I can't WAIT to see her! It's gonna be a blast.

Well, I am off to bed! Sorry for the boring update, but it's an update just the same! So, now you all know what is going on and I better not hear that whole whiney "We never hear from you" thing... LOVE YA!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Romeo, Oh Romeo... WHERE IN THE HECK ARE YOU!?!

Kennedy had her final class play today. It was "romeo and Juliet". A lovely third grade rendition, really. Kennedy was one of the Capulets at the party and (As always) she was fantastic even though she had no speaking lines. Looked just like she was at the party. Excellent play. I give it two thumbs up and would see it again and again if I could. It was funny to see some of the kids forget their lines, and other kids jump in and say the line for them just to get things moving again. Gosh I miss third grade.

Anyway, nothing else going on. Tomorrow morning is "Family picnic day" with Darrell. I am sure that it will be a blast. I am going to clean something now though. ;)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Memoirs of an Ear Nerd

So... this morning we all got up. We all got ready to leave. I yelled at the kids to make sure that they ate breakfast. As I was checking my e-mail and making sure that things were ready to go, my sweetie Richard asks me if I had heard what my sweet son just said in the Kitchen. I thought to myself - "Well, it must be something funny, because that's how he is" - and I replied ... "No, what did he say?" "Well," Says the husband - "He said the he doesn't know if he will ever be able to hear again because he put a Nerd into his ear."


Yes - he put a Nerd (The little candy) into his ear. According to him "I just wanted to see if it would fit."


Yes - people - he just wanted to see if it would fit. So, now I have been on the phone and back with the pediatric center. I know that it will dissolve, and at first I could see it. Nice, big, PINK Nerd!... then it turned white... then it fell further into the canal. BIG PINK NERD!
Can you imagine what the Nerd is thinking ?? (No, not Darrell) - Here it's life journey is to be completed upon eating or being sucked up by a vaccuum. Then, a curious little boy decides that he wants to know if it will fit in his ear. It gets stuffed into a tight spot - it's probably hairy and sticky from ear wax. Then, it gets a little bit of wiggle room whilst parents are tugging on the ear to get a good look at it. It gets wet with something other than saliva - wait a second!?! That's not the plan... all of my sweet coating is getting melted away~~~ Then, it falls deeper into the dark, foul oblivion of my son's ear canal. Poor Nerd!

Guess we just have to wait for it to dissolve. MAN, it's been a long morning.

UPDATE: After much painstaking dissolving, we removed it from the ear. Checked with the Dr. and all seems to be well. And then D says to me (As he is sticking his finger in his ear) - "Mom - It's sticky in there now". Hmmmmmmm... wonder why...
Moral of the story - If you do something that you probably shouldn't, in the end it will be "sticky in there". LOL ... I will post pictures later when I get home.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Drug Dealers aren't the only problem Columbia Has...

That's Right people! Today we went to the zoo... and it turns out that these HUGE BUGS AND BEETLES are from Columbia. The two pictures of the biggest ones - well... they are about three to four inches just in length... that's not including their HUGE wings... flying yucky beetles. Rick said that we aren't ever going down there (and quite frankly, I couldn't agree more!). Can you image seeing one of those things flying at you? And they have a little note by the type that says they are Harmless.... Harmless my hiney! Maybe they didn't look at the pincers on those things! Now... see the red dot on the map... those red dots are also by those HUGE beetles... So... just let it be known that this is your official warning about it...

Moving on....

So... it was a fun day. I got some of the best pictures of the animals - Ever feel like this?? Seriously... the gorilla was the best - I mean... check out that look... I love that look....

Ya... it was a fun day. I have a ton of pictures - and I don't know where I am going to put them yet. They may end up on MySpace - they may end up only in a scrapbook... who knows. I will say this though - my kids are so not 'posers'. They just don't do it. I say, "Smile at the camera... look over here... HOLD STILL"... oooh but no. Kennedy is getting better... Aspens moves would be hilarious if I had a quick shot camera - and Darrell - well, right now he's just a ham who hasn't figured out that when I say "smile" it doesn't meant that cheesy grin that I get from him no matter what the case.
By the end of the day - they were all "pooped" out. I didn't get a picture of Kennedy sleeping in the car... we had bets on who would go first - Darrell or Aspen - but Kennedy was the one who fell asleep first. Then the two youngest battled it out - I think Aspen went before Darrell, because he just kept on talking the whole time... But in the end - the car ride always wins when they get sleepy...

It's early in the morning - I just got back from Picking up Jer from the airport - they lost his luggage... I feel a scene from "Meet the Parents" coming on... but mostly because they lost his luggage and it had half of his clothes and toiletries in it... LOL - but at least he's going to be at his home and not in some foreign land... right?!? Anyway - I will write more tomorrow. LOVE TO ALL!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey there Twinkle Toes - or was it Bubble Butt??

So, my sister Aislinn has been keeping me in shape over these last few weeks by going to the pool and swimming with me, or getting me to do water aerobics. I have loved just about every breathless minute of it too. She keeps me laughing almost the entire time with her comments about how she has always secretly wanted to be in syncronized swimming... or that the swimsuit I gave to her catches air in the butt and she's sure people are staring at the bubble floating atop the water as she swims... I love her. I love that she is here in Utah, and I love that she keeps me motivated and going to the pool. I love that she is trying to get me in shape (other than the round one I am already in) so I will look fantastic on the cruise. I love how she listens to me gripe about my day, and whilst I am griping she just reminds me to "Swim it off"... yup - I love her.

As for the family update - Rick has a job now! I would tell you where - but that would mean that you would be obligated to go there so he could sell you stuff.... Also, he continues to work out harder than me... I am proud of him and his charisma for working out with P90X. He's been keeping up with it better than I have been keeping up with "Debbie Siebers". He was incredibly hot before, but now - NOW he's going to take over the world with his incredible athleticism!

Jeremy went to Aruba, and he has been there all week. So, naturally - the kids have been with me all week. It has been a lot of fun having them around nonstop - but I don't love the driving people. In fact, I really hate the driving. HATE IT. I spend so much time in the car that there seems to be a permanent butt spot in my seat. But, the car - I didn't tell anyone - the car is finished. That's right... done - It's got a few quirks here and there. .. . but nothing that can't be fixed later on. I like the sea foam color - the cloth seats. Sure, it doesn't have a radio - and I think that only one wind shield sprayer sprays. I know that the heating gauge doesn't work, and right now I know that one of the fan sensors is giving me grief... but it runs. It gets REALLY good gas mileage (Which is so important right now)... and it's mine. I am grateful to have the green beasty... I really am...

For those of you that keep up with my stitching - here is one of my most recent finished works. I love this one. I don't even know what it's called, but I know that I started it, then I never finished it (Which is kind of a habit of mine - if you only knew how many stitches I really have that I haven't completed... OY VEY). Then I picked it up in March and figured that I would get to it. I finished it a few weeks ago, but Just got around to taking the pictures of it... so there it is. I am working on the teeny america one (itty bitty flag)... because I have an idea for a trio in this place. Something about the Weeks Dyeworks Threads... (SIGH)...

I will try harder to keep up with this thing. LOVE YOU ALL!