Thursday, May 15, 2008

Memoirs of an Ear Nerd

So... this morning we all got up. We all got ready to leave. I yelled at the kids to make sure that they ate breakfast. As I was checking my e-mail and making sure that things were ready to go, my sweetie Richard asks me if I had heard what my sweet son just said in the Kitchen. I thought to myself - "Well, it must be something funny, because that's how he is" - and I replied ... "No, what did he say?" "Well," Says the husband - "He said the he doesn't know if he will ever be able to hear again because he put a Nerd into his ear."


Yes - he put a Nerd (The little candy) into his ear. According to him "I just wanted to see if it would fit."


Yes - people - he just wanted to see if it would fit. So, now I have been on the phone and back with the pediatric center. I know that it will dissolve, and at first I could see it. Nice, big, PINK Nerd!... then it turned white... then it fell further into the canal. BIG PINK NERD!
Can you imagine what the Nerd is thinking ?? (No, not Darrell) - Here it's life journey is to be completed upon eating or being sucked up by a vaccuum. Then, a curious little boy decides that he wants to know if it will fit in his ear. It gets stuffed into a tight spot - it's probably hairy and sticky from ear wax. Then, it gets a little bit of wiggle room whilst parents are tugging on the ear to get a good look at it. It gets wet with something other than saliva - wait a second!?! That's not the plan... all of my sweet coating is getting melted away~~~ Then, it falls deeper into the dark, foul oblivion of my son's ear canal. Poor Nerd!

Guess we just have to wait for it to dissolve. MAN, it's been a long morning.

UPDATE: After much painstaking dissolving, we removed it from the ear. Checked with the Dr. and all seems to be well. And then D says to me (As he is sticking his finger in his ear) - "Mom - It's sticky in there now". Hmmmmmmm... wonder why...
Moral of the story - If you do something that you probably shouldn't, in the end it will be "sticky in there". LOL ... I will post pictures later when I get home.


The Woolston Family said...

What a "sticky" situation! Glad he, you, it out! I wouldn't want that little gem weighing on my mind making me wonder what damage it was doing, if any. YIKES!

Aislinn said...

that's great!! Glad you took pics - funny memories! Happy he'll be fine!