Monday, June 23, 2008


So, I am finally in Mississippi - and yes, I have missed it here. I feel very much "At home" when I am here in this state. Perhaps because my dad and brother and grandmother are here. Perhaps because this was a stabalizing place when things were so incredibly hectic in my life. Either way, somehow the very turbulent ride still allowed me to touch down in this state and I can't say that I am not happy to be back here.

Tonight I got to see the Bro, Sis-in-Law, Granny, Cousin, Dad and Ronda. We went to dinner at the golden corral (Ya, that's going to help my diet). Some cheese was harvested, and some good visiting did occur. I got a picture of my favorite Waffle House, but I am not sure how to go about putting it up on a blog from Dad's computer. So, you will all just have to wait for it.

It's been a long day and I should go to bed. But, I figured that I would let everyone know that I did make it here. That everything is alright and that I am safe and my IPod is safe == at home. (Yes, I forgot it... though I somehow remembered my headset... hmmm).

Anywho - I will write more when I can. LOVE YA'LL

Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 of 3

Kennedy's Final Event - 50 Freestyle. Hope you all liked the videos! :D

And (By the way) The Incredible Hulk - Ya, it was Incredible. You should all go and see it. ALL OF YOU!

Part 2 of 3

This is Kennedy's 25 Backstroke - she starts off strong, and then fades a little at the end - HOWEVER, this is her strongest stroke right now. She got a faster time on this 25 than she did with the 25 Freestyle. Since Jeremy and I were timers - we were lucky that she ended up in our lane so I got a good shot of this one! This was about 26 seconds, and her 25 Freestyle was about 29 seconds.

Kennedy putting her goggles on - and getting ready....

Testing out the water with her toes.

Part 1 of 3 - Kennedy's Swim Meet

Today was Kennedy's FIRST SWIM MEET! She did so good - and we are all very proud of her. Three events - the first video is of her first swim - 25 Freestyle. I will try to post the others as soon as I get a chance, but I wanted to get at least one up here for the family to see!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks

So - I was looking at a friend's blob - and she had this site listed as one of the sites she goes to frequently... I looked into it, and found it quite funny. I think that I will add it to my stuff.

Write more later.


Monday, June 16, 2008

On a Separate Note - My FUN Camping Trip

Father's Day Weekend - and our Camping Trip to Manti. We arrived a little late, but that's alright. Aislinn and Tim had the forsight to realize that I am ALWAYS behind (LOL) and they set up the tent for me and Rick and the kids. We discovered that the tales we had heard about the Temple RV Resort place were all true, and then some... Aislinn and I got our blankets to the Manti Temple just in time, and we were Off to have us some yummy turkey dinner.
Here is the Manti Temple. ... . it's beautiful. I liked the pageant - it was fun. Afterwards I heard that Darrell had a multitude of questions concerning the pageant. Something about "Is that really Jesus?!?" and "Are they trying to make the temple look like it's covered in blood?!?" Afterwards I asked him how he liked it and he said "Oh, it was good. I just hope that I don't have to sacrifice anyone in my life!" What a kick.
The next morning Mom and Dennis came up to the camp groud that Aislinn and Tim had discovered. Mom was singing a song and she changed the words... something about worms... and just as she did that I happened to be taking this great picture of Aislinn, when Aislinn screwed up her face like so. I love this picture. I will scrapbook it and keep it forever more.
Then, we decided that we were going to get over the top of the mountain to go to Joe's Valley Resivoir. The map said that it could be done, and by golly we were determined to do just that. Well, on our way up we ran into some snow. We got through it just fine, but when it was time to turn back we got high centered on this lovely little patch here. Well, we were blessed and a big, tanned, tubby man came in his 4X4 and rescued us by pulling us out of the snow. Good thing that he was there too... otherwise, we'd still be waiting for the snow to melt just so we could get out of there. Then, we were on our way to Ferron to visit Rick's mom.
When we got there we had time to visit and all of that stuff. However, we had realized that we did not do smores. Well, the pageant had gotten out too late for that sort of thing - so, we decided to make use of the charcoal grill and make smores the "Redneck" way. They turned out great though Kennedy dropped my "Smushmellow" into the coals and caught it on fire. I had to make my own... it was probably better that I did... they turned out all sorts of yummy. :D

A week Later - More on THE FOOT!

So, here we are , a week later. And because everyone wants to see blood and gore and guts I figured that I would post what it looks like NOW. It's still pretty gross, even Rick says "EWWW - Don't do that to me! I don't want to see it!" But, it's up here now, so HAHAHAHA - take that queasy stomach muscles!

It's feeling a LOT better now that the other piece of glass has been removed. I figured that all of the additional pain was just due to the chunk of meat they took... but noooo! After that one came out it was relieved in just a few days. And just over the weekend the hole in my foot has already begun to scab over. LOOK AT IT! FEEEEL THE GOO!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Foot Incident Continued...

So, this morning I got up and finally decided that I was going to brave the removal and cleaning of the bandages. The Dr. that had helped me told me to wait for 4-5 days, and I figured that I better do it before I go on this camping trip. SO, I precariously bathe and clean myself up. Then when I get done I clean up my foot... as I take off the bandages I get a little worried... there was that slimy puss that she had told me to be careful of...
somethin about infection and blah blah blah... no, kidding, I really did pay attention... a little bit. So, I sit down with my trusty bottle of handy dandy hydrogen peroxide and being the "Pouring and cleaning of the wound..." and just as I pour I see something shiny. So, I look again and I gently pull THIS out of my foot.
It's about the same length as the one they got out when they cut the hole into my foot in the first place. I put it on a piece of tape, and to give you the idea of how big it is, that piece of tape is 1in in width.
So, I cleaned up the gooey goo... cleaned up the rest of it all... applied the necessary globs of neosporin and taped myself back up for another few days. I just figured that this time, since I had the additional piece of shard of glass, that I would share with you all so you wouldn't think that I was just a big boob for no reason at all.
Anyway, gonna get ready to go camping now... and don't you worry - I will be wearing my shoes the WHOLE time. :D

Monday, June 9, 2008


Because I know that you ALL want to know... right?

Well, I will spare you the gory pictures this time around... but here's the tale. It was terrible! Tragic in every way... there I was - in PAIN! (I know, it wasn't REALLY that horrible, but I like to whine about things so we will just say for all intents and purposes that it WAS that bad)...

Anyway, After two shots of lidocane in my foot (Which is horribly painful), the numbing set it. That's where it got fun. They scraped my foot with a scalpel, and realized that it was deep. Well duh... I told them that already. Anywho, they finally decide to do a biopsy and they took a nice chunck of flesh from my foot. (I was alright with that by the way)... and after sifting through the pinky flesh they finally find the long shard of glass. It was pointy, long, and vicious looking! I was great, until about thirty minutes ago when my foot started to regain feeling... now I am wondering what's worse - missing flesh or a shard of glass.

It will be a few days before it heals... and I won't be able to get my foot wet or swim. But, I am glad to be able to step down and not feel the sharp twinge of pain up my leg. Now it's just strictly a pain in my foot. I sure do hope that they got it all. And lucky for you guys, all you get to see is a bunch of baindaids. :D

Sunday, June 8, 2008

GLASS - in my foot -

So, My sweet boy - Darrell - you know the one... you've read about him... you've heard the tales - well, he decided that on Friday he was going to be a BIG help to mommy. He sucked up a lightbulb with my vaccuum. However, the little gem did not tell Mommy that he had done this. He attempted to cover up the evidence. Later on, I walked into his room to inspect it and I stepped on a nice, fine little shard of lightbulb glass. Part of it broke off into my foot and the other part got pulled out. It was long - looked like an ice pick. I thought that I had gotten it out until I stepped flat footed and felt a sharp pain go right up my leg. Nope... apparently it's still in there...

Ooooh, we've soaked, picked, prodded, messed around with the thing... but it's up in there good. So good that we aren't even sure exactly where it is anymore... it's probably a microscopic piece that is causing me all this grief anyway huh...

It gets better though - presently, I don't have health insurance (Thanks to the changing of the jobs). So, since it hasn't come out on it's own, and I don't think that it will be coming out any time soon on it's own, and it's kind of a bother to walk around on this foot with the pain shooting up into my leg - I think that I am going to brave the "Free clinic" tomorrow.

Guess I will update you on how it goes...

SO - Below is the face of danger! BEWARE! BEWARE! :D

- My Best Friend Lori -

I love my best friend, Lori. She lives in Alaska - And though she only gets to visit every three to six months, each time she does I have the best time seeing her. It's as though hardly any time has past between us when she comes down to Utah from Alaska. Though, I have to share her with her mother in law- and her sisters in law, and all of the other people that realize how wonderful she is... but, I guess I should be nice and share her - Right?!?
ALAS! I don't want to share her! She should be MINE - OOOOH, ALL MINE!!
SMOOTCHIE - SMOOTCHIE SMOOO! ahhh - James suspicions are finally confirmed.... or not! I shall never reveal the evidence!
That's right... she's hot... she's workin' it... she's got it ... Uh huh! UH HUH!

Anyway... that's my best friend. I've known her for about 8 years now... but it seems like I have known her forever! I love her... I miss her... I look forward to her every visit. I know that I need to go to Alaska, and "Rough it" in her plumbing free environment... (Kidding). And one day I will... but in the meantime, I will replay the video I took of her at the Training Table, listen to her laugh, and sing Chaka Kahn just for her... (LOVE YOU LORI~!!)

Friday, June 6, 2008

FINALLY - A cruise you can PLAN for!


The cruise for the Eastern Caribbean is finally scheduled! It's going to be so much fun. This is going to be my official post to all of you "Friends" who I KNOW want to get together with me... or just get together on a boat and do something cool... Here is all of the information! COME ON! Just do it! Come Cruisin with us!

Book now for only $25 per person until July 2, 2008! See our pricing link below for further information!!
Freedom FUN-atics
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San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Tortola, BVI
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Nassau, Bahamas

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Book now to get $100 on board credit for each cabin!!!

And remember - if you find at any time you are not able to go, your money is fully refundable! SIGN UP AND GO WITH US! It's going to be a blast. And you can't say you are busy then... it's TWO YEARS AWAY!