Sunday, June 8, 2008

- My Best Friend Lori -

I love my best friend, Lori. She lives in Alaska - And though she only gets to visit every three to six months, each time she does I have the best time seeing her. It's as though hardly any time has past between us when she comes down to Utah from Alaska. Though, I have to share her with her mother in law- and her sisters in law, and all of the other people that realize how wonderful she is... but, I guess I should be nice and share her - Right?!?
ALAS! I don't want to share her! She should be MINE - OOOOH, ALL MINE!!
SMOOTCHIE - SMOOTCHIE SMOOO! ahhh - James suspicions are finally confirmed.... or not! I shall never reveal the evidence!
That's right... she's hot... she's workin' it... she's got it ... Uh huh! UH HUH!

Anyway... that's my best friend. I've known her for about 8 years now... but it seems like I have known her forever! I love her... I miss her... I look forward to her every visit. I know that I need to go to Alaska, and "Rough it" in her plumbing free environment... (Kidding). And one day I will... but in the meantime, I will replay the video I took of her at the Training Table, listen to her laugh, and sing Chaka Kahn just for her... (LOVE YOU LORI~!!)

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The Woolston Family said...

Ahhh! Good friends are the best!