Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, because everyone else is doing it - so must I...

SEE - I got my documents for the cruise too - So, to Christy and Aislinn - ya showoffs! LOL - I got mine too and , no, I didn't do the dance... but I am very VERY happy about it all. Does that count? VERY happy? It should count... I put everything together already - my confirmation for Fins and Flippers, and my Avis Rental for the Grand Caymans... I am so thrilled- it's all together. The only thing that is not together is my room with everyone else... but, thats' alright. I will make lots of noise on Deck 2, and perhaps they will move everyone away from me and rick... LOL
AHEM... moving forward...

Aislinn and I canned peaches. I know that I said something about this before - but Here are a few of the ones that got done. I gave a Jar to Jeremy, who is a HUGE peachy fan. I am a fan too. And they are so yummy - MMMMM Yummy. I think that I am becoming an expert Jar-er. And I like it! I wish that I had known how to do this a long time ago. I would have been jarring EVERYTHING that I could. Seriously. I buy so much stuff in bulk that I could have had a SERIOUS Food Storage going on around this joint! :D - Well, it's better late than never at all, right?

And, finally, the crowning moment of my week - I am TRULY a soccer mom now. Well, soccer stepmom from this picture. Number 7 is Aspen at her first game with the Silver Sharks. (Shark attack!) Anyway... they didn't win the game, but it was great fun to be a part of the whole ordeal of the first soccer game. I was TOTALLY Thrilled... TOTALLY. GO SHARKS!

An Uneventful Week - an Uneventful Blob

I SO Stole this picture from Heidi's site... MAN I look silly here... but, it was fun... FUN FUN FUN - and you know what?!?! I am going to have a Girls night as well... October 4th - you better all be there. You all know who you are (You too Heidi). But, it's more like a "Girl's Afternoon" because I am not doing it at night... this won't be the last reminder, but you all need to mark it on your Calendars! Well, it's been a fun week or so... I mean - I haven't done much of anything really - I worked on my Dad's website a little. Rick worked at Uhaul - oh, that's right - Did I tell you all that he got a job at UHaul as a rockin' awesome Manager? Well, if not, there's your information about it. There's your warning - but it really is quite the blessing. After all - it is more money that Teleperformance. Not as much as Aarons yet - but more that Telep. And that's always a big help - especially when you are going out of town and everything. Know what I mean?!?

Anyway, most things around here have been uneventful - thus the lack of posting. Aislinn and I jarred peaches yesterday. 50 LBS of peaches. And, from what I know, all the jars sealed. Which is a total bonus. They were yummy... made my tummy a little sick from eating all the peaches, but they were so good - I couldn't help it. Now, I will have peaches for the rest of the year, and maybe next year too. They are better than the canned stuff that you get from the store, they were cheaper, and I know that they taste good because I got to try them already. MMMMM - Yummy. Kahlyn took all the pictures of our jarring efforts - so, I will have to get some of those to put up at some point in time. I am certain that they are silly... but that's alright. :D
Now, I am off to go and do dishes - my most favorite chore. Hugs and kisses to you all!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Circe's Visit

So, I am sure that I have said it before, and I know that I am going to say it again, but it's been a LOOOOONG Time since we've seen Circe Rose. (Yes, Rose is her middle name). This summer, we weren't really expecting to have her for a very long time. We would have been grateful with the few days that she had scheduled before she came out here in the first place. It was just going to be nice that she would be here where she could visit everyone. However, little did we know that she would end up spending more time with us than with just about anyone else on this trip. Granted, I would say that she rightfully should have, but I also know that her relationship with her dad wasn't at it's best before she came out here. It still isn't perfect - but fences are being mended... and I think that after this visit, we are going to see her quite a bit more than we have in the last 4 years.
Circe and her dad are so much alike - even if they don't want to admit it. They think the same, they are both witty and yet SO very sarcastic. They would even finish each other's thoughts and sometimes, sentences. They don't like the same veggies... they order burgers the same - They have the same taste in clothing and movies... It's interesting to me that even though she is so far away, and she doesn't have a strong / active relationship with her dad, she displays so many of his personal characteristics. The two of them really do get along very well when they are together. None of the typical teenager / parent stuff that I figured we would have to deal with right off the bat. No, it was really a pleasant visit overall.
This is Circe at the park. We went to that darn "Bountiful Festival" thingy... I was a little bit camera happy with her. Mostly because I have hardly any pictures of her - I mean, ANY at all. Part of me wanted to take as many as I possibly could - I have this fear that we won't see her for another year! But, Circe was a total trooper - She gave me all of her silly faces. She smiled as much as I think that she possibly could - Which was really awesome. BUT, now I have a whole bunch of new pictures that I can put all over my house. I am muy, muy happy about that.
AND - I have a bunch of pictures with her and her Dad now... (A bunch is something like 5 - but considering how many I have of Rick - that's a LOT). Most of Circe's pictures are with her Tongue sticking out. I think that I am going to make a scrapbook and call it "Circe's Tongue). It would be really cute.

Anyway, we were very happy with her visit. She left this morning around 5:00am. Hopefully we will see her again around Christmas - that would be really nice, huh?

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's just another day -

Ashley is truly gifted... not only that, she has a sense of humor. Today I got some of her creativity back, and since I figure that I better put them up online before she does, here they are. Get a laugh - enjoy !
I didn't see that one coming... really...
I SWEAR I wasn't going for it... I just had my hand sitting there... PROMISE!
Booma chicka, booma chicka!

Friday, August 1, 2008

It truly is WICKED!

So, Circe is in town - below is a picture of Circe - she's a lovely girl... really... very pretty. Though, this picture was not taken yesterday - it was taken a few days ago. We had gone to the Children's museum, and that was her with her dad doing something silly... ;) Either way, it has been nice to have her around.
So, yesterday - we took the girls to Lagoon... and the first ride that we went on was "WICKED". I love the Wicked ride - it truly lives up to it's name. It helped Circe to get over her fear of the whole "Roller Coaster" thing, and to have a pretty fun day - I think. But, the point is, if you have never been to Lagoon to ride the Wicked - you really should go. It's so much fun... I love the ride - just don't really love all the long lines...

Anywho, that's all for right now. I have lots of pictures, they are just not with me - LOL - know what I mean!?!