Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Morning Everyone -

So, I think that I should note that if I am going to blob, then it is not going to be as eventful as I would hope. Well, I guess I should clarify - at work, I don't have my photos with me. So, it makes it kind of hard to use the typical visual aids that I would normally offer up to you. BUT ALAS! That does not mean that I can't write! By golly - So, here are my ramblings on a Monday Morning - way too early to be rambling , but I am done with my Billing tickets so, I am going to go forth and ramble away... TAKE THAT!

My eldest sister, Aislinn, has always been fantastic at including me in things that her ward does. I know that I am not a member of her ward, but I feel very much a part of her ward. Last year, she invited me to sing in their Stake Choir - which I LOVED doing - and this year she invited me back.

Now, for those of you that don't know, I love to sing. I am not always the BEST at the singing thing - and I know that - BUT, I do love to sing and will sing frequently. So, being involved in something like this is JUST what I need. If our own Stake did something like this (AND had a director as cool as Leeann) then I would probably sing there... but Right now they don't, so I will give my talents to Aislinn's stake.

Now - we have gotten off track... (I do that a lot if you haven't noticed). Last night was the first rehearsal. We are singing my most favorite song, Oh Holy Night. With a nice HIGH B at the end of it. Now, I have been sick, and I currently cannot hit this note without sounding like a stuck cow - but I did sing fairly high most of the night. My throat is killing me this morning. Is it worth it? I think that it is - but at the same time, I really hate having a sore throat.

In addition to that, we have a couple ladies that haven't figured out that a good choir makes ONE sound. They sing Together - not above someone else. I actually found myself dropping out last night because I really felt that the other ladies were so overpowering, that I was not needed. And, I am already debating about taking up the Second Soprano this year, over a first - just because I think that a few extra lower voices may be necessary to save the sound.

Either way, I am very happy to participate in this yet again. I was Hoping that the Youngest would be involved in it this year, and maybe she still will be-

Also - this session caused me to finally get off my Tookus - and I went on a search last night for Missa Mormonis. AND, I found most of what I was looking for. It's not easy to find - but once I figured out who the composer was, I was able to locate it on a song by song basis. It also got me in the gear of practicing the piano for Christmas songs. I think that it would be fun to actually have a few that I could play decently before december ... :D

So, there are my ramblings for a monday morning - I am sorry that there are no pictures for you .... maybe tomorrow I will remember my flash drive. :D


Aislinn said...

you're too funny!
I too got out my Christmas music - before choir practice - and had fun playing around (that is until L decided that he needed to be BACH as well!)

The Woolston Family said...

Glad you had an enjoyable experience, for the most part. You guys comin' on Friday night?

Carter Clan said...

Wish I could be a part of the Christmas concert.. but I don't think I can drive to bountiful every Sunday night.