Friday, October 31, 2008

So, This year I decided that i would dress my self up as... that's right - a Drow. That would be a "dark elf" for those of you that don't read any fantasy novels out there. Rick helped me to latex my ears on the night before, and then this morning he put on my first layer of black... it took a few layers of black, but I finally got it. And then... I went to work..

We had a few people that dressed up at work - which makes the costume contest all that more enjoyable. We had a Sayter, (you know - the goat creature), and two cowgirls, a cat, a vampire, a corpse bride, two quarterbacks (One of them was the quarterback of the "buck" n "ears"), and quite a few others. There was a pirate and a polygamist, and a homosexual, and a lesbian --- (It's a pretty open minded office - which is odd these days).
So, on we went - and there was a tie for the winner of the costume contest - it was me and callie. This is Glade - the owner of Obeo - Had to get a picture with him for the website. that was pretty fun. My friend, Callie, works at The castle of Chaos as a vampire. Her teeth are prosthetics that she made herself - And I think that's so neat! :D
This is our CEO - you can't tell, but underneath, he doesn't really look like that at all. It's quite amusing. Just some ears, teeth, glasses and Viola! There you have a whole different look.

Anyway, tonight is Trick-Or-Treating ... I can't wait to go... Actually, I can't wait to see what the kids are going to say when they see me. :D They have no idea what I look like right now... so, I anticipate lots of fun tonight.


The Woolston Family said...

You looked great tonight. Wish we'd had more time to visit. Happy Halloween.

Carter Clan said...

WOW Love your costume... you look awesome!!!