Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SING WIF ME NOW! It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Today's fun topic is... Describe a Perfect Winter Day. What kinds of activities would you do on that day?Ahhh - the perfect Winter Day... Personally, I don't really adore winter. I am not a "cold" fan... I don't like the snow after it gets dirty - I don't like the cold - I don't like the wet - and I prefer NOT to be bundled up... BUT, since this is the question, I will describe my Perfect Winter day.Personally, I like sitting by the fire - and watching the snow fall through a nice big window. I used to have a nice big window - and a fireplace - though it was an awkward fire place - the positioning was all wrong... But, that's besides the point! This is about MY day... BWAHAHAAA. So, I would like to sit by the fire - watching the snow - and drinking this beautiful picturesque cocoa that I found on Google somewhere. Doesn't it look tasty? That's what I would want.
BUT - I would most likely have the kids with me... and they would want to go and Play in the snow and make a bunch of snowmen... And in a way, I guess that's kind of perfect too - in fact - I have some pictures of these "SNOWMEN" that they attempted to get me to help them make one year. I want everyone to know that the one that is actually upright is the one that I helped make... :DThis is the Snowman that the kids made... kind of like a snow Dwarf... or maybe a snow mountain. Or a Snow "Cousin It". So, I had to take a little bit of time and show the kids how to actually ROLL a snowball...
And make a snowman... And I guess- quite frankly, this is one of my best winter memories. I loved making that darn snowman - even if it wasn't the best looking snowman on the planet. It was still lots of fun - and I did get cold - and that wasn't my favorite part. But Laughing at the kids while they tried to make a snow "IT" - well... that was awesome...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Best AND the Worst...

Today's topic was "What were your best and worst subjects in Grade, Middle, and High school".

Well, a long long time ago - when I was a wee lass... I had the WORST time reading. In fact - I almost failed out of the first grade (before all of that nonsense about No Child Left Behind and whatnot) - because I couldn't keep up with my reading. Turns out that it's because I couldn't see very well... and I ended up getting glasses... but that's besides the point. The point was that my reading and writing were Terrible. TERRIBLE. - I, however, was excellent in Math and Science. I excelled in the art of being Nerdy - but lovable... it was a great time...
Then came middle school. I, still, was pretty nerdy - but my Math started to suffer some, and my English, History and Art grades started to be a lot better. Science was still a bonus - and I still did pretty good in most of the subjects , but not as good in Math. I had Straight A's a time or 5... but, that didn't stop me from having a good time. Soooooo...

I moved on to High School. This is where I (ultimately) decided that I wanted friends more than I wanted good grades. I did really good in the subjects that involved participation. Choir, Art, Swimming (MAN... I was seriously a TIGER in the water...), ....... Health, English, Science, History, Civics, etc. They were all pretty darn good grades... but Math.. well, Math I struggled with because I didn't retain the basics. I had a hard time dealing with Algebra and whatnot - it stunk a bit. I test really well in Math. In all the aptitude tests I did well, but - no so much when it came to homework and practical exams. Go Figure.I finally Broke the Math issue in College - with lots of studying and help from my Hottie Hubby. (That would be Rick). I finally made it out of Algebra - now I just hope that I don't ever have to take it again!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Without a Camera

Without a camera - I feel really BLEH - I mean... I can't take my pictures, like I usually do... I can't show the kids in their Gi's - for Karate - Beh... I can't believe that it's broken. I mean, really - why is it that the stuff I get always breaks?

I am stuck on the last journal entry - count my blessings and name them... Well, there's Kennedy, Darrell, Aspen, Circe, Rick, Cameron, Ashley, Aislinn, Tim, Jake, Jessica, Brendan, Taryn, Kahlyn, Mykenzi, Nathan, Lane, Sunny, Lita, Brianna, Mom, Dad, Dennis, Ronda, Grandma R, Lori, Beta 4, ...., ...., ...., (See, the list can go on and on and on!)

And that's just people... that's not including all of my friends, co-workers, church friends, and stuff like that.

Then there are things like - I am grateful to have been blessed with a sense of humor, and a seriously MEAN cleaning streak. I am blessed by having a pretty good singing voice, and a talent for strange humor.

I am blessed by having my car still running, I am blessed by being able to recognize certain spritiual things that happen - and by being able to see things from a totally different point of view than most others. I am blessed with a natural snoring ability that keeps the bed bugs at bay...

Man, this question was a hard one... it's a good thing that I am blessed to realize that... huh?!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do you see what happened?

Make a list of blessings and count them... It took me a WHOLE week just to put a dent in that list... I will get back to that Journal Post though, I promise -

Right now, I want to show you all what has been going on in the last few days.
So, you see it, right? It doesn't look right... it doesn't look like it should be there - whatever it is. And I will tell you how this whole thing came about -
See - the kids have RINGWORM presently. And, I will admit, that I am a little overzealous when it comes to killing the fungus among-us... So, I did my reading - I researched quite a bit about how ringworm can spread and stuff. I was prepared with selsun blue and Fast Actin' Tinactin! as well as a whole bottle of gold bond powder. I bathed Darrell and then dried him off - dusted his feet and his self with powder... turned him around to do the back and noticed - THIS! This bump, this lump, this bulge... I have no idea how this came about. How did I not see this during soccer? Was it there during soccer? If it wasn't - how did it get so big so fast!?!

I washed Kennedy, and called Jeremy to tell him of the weirdness... And then, we went to the doctor. The Doctor did an X-Ray and we know that it's not a bone spur or even a bone... but they don't know what it is. So, we have an appointment with the "Lumps and Bumps" doctor on January 27th at Primary Children's hospital.

I was talking to Jake C. about what it could be and he said that it looked like a cyst to him. So, I did some research on this "Cyst" he was talking of. And I found "Bakers Cysts" - which look an awful like what Darrell has goin on... I will let you be the judge - Here's a picture...
So, could that be what's going on here? I will wait until I see the orthopedic person - but, it's just nice to have a theory. I won't mind anyone else putting their own theories out there too - let me know what you think!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Describe a Dream Vacation:

Topic - Describe a dream vacation where you are on a tight budget...

I think that this one was worded wrong. I mean, a dream vacation should not have a tight budget included. Then, if there were a tight budget, how would it truly be a "dream vacation". I could see how this will be a challenge to describe, after all - like I said - how is it a dream vacation, if I have to worry about money.
My Dream Vacation is to go to Scotland. I would LOVE to see the "mother land" (if you will) - and so it is on my list of places to visit before world war III. I, being Scottish, treat every vacation as though I am on a tight budget. I would plan this trip, just like the many others, WAY in advance, doing research and trying to figure out the best deal for me and my hubby. I am not sure whether I would take the kids on this trip or not. After all, it's part of their illustrious heritage, but at the same time- part of my dream is to RELAX (and that's hard when you are tending children's needs).

I would probably take a flight there with my sweetheart, because I would want to spend as much time there as I possibly could. If I were on a tight budget, I would probably do a bit of hiking and seeing the countryside, instead of visiting all of the main tourist attractions. I would rent a bike and take a tour of the Cuillins (a mountain range). I may go "Nessie" hunting - after all, that is a great legend, and it wouldn't cost a thing to go "nessie hunting". :D
I would visit the Melrose Abbey which is a Cistercian abbey which was repeatedly destroyed by the English in the fourteenth century. The ruins are supposedly notorious for their riverside surroundings and decorative artwork - including one gargoyle of a pig playing the bagpipes. And I would drive through Glen Coe which is one of Scotland's best known Highland glens and its name, literally meaning "Valley of Weeping", seems very appropriate considering it was the site of a notorious massacre in 1692.
I would really like to visit Craigmillar Castle which has quite a dark past with murder and at least one unspeakable death. It was part of a chain of castles which protected Edinburgh from invasion. *and this would probably be my main splurge (it is 3.00euro for adults to get in, and that COULD break the bank)* - after all, I really LOVE Castles.

So, that's it - my dream vacation would really be about touring the countryside of Scotland... I think that there is a Temple there - and I would go, if there were - and it wouldn't cost anything too. :D See- I can plan a trip on a tight budget... somewhat. :D

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Journal Jar... Mmmmm -

For Christmas, I made Journal Jars. I made one for each of my older Daughters and Older Nieces. I even made ones for my sisters. I felt a little down, after all - I didn't get a journal Jar... no one thought of me... BAH! So, I finally made myself a jar. I decided to take my older sis's lead by journaling on my blog. After all, if that doesn't get me here, then I don't think anything will... SO - let the creative writing begin!

TODAY'S TOPIC! - LOL--- hahahahaa - Tell about a frustrating experience that you have had with a car...

This one is funny... because I happen to HAVE a car that is perpetually frustrating. Actually, I have had multiple cars that are perpetually frustrating. SO, I don't even know where to start on this one.

I will say this - to all of you that have considered it before, read my blobs of past and be aware that purchasing a Volkswagen Jetta is probably not the smartest Idea that you could ever come up with. That car is constantly giving me grief. If the Check Engine light is not on, it's not happy. Seriously. This car, for no apparent reason last fall, just decided to start "hiccupping". It would be going along and then suddently lose all power - the electrical stuff would shut off. Then I would have to throw it into either neutral or park and then the car would start right back up. I took it to a mechanic, and they never could find the problem.

This car broke down on me one day, the little tiny plastic fan in the water pump just broke off... snap... no warning... Oh, and then there was the time that I took it into the Dealership to have something on it fixed, and after I got it back the turbo just went out... it's a TURBO... it doesn't just go out at 60K miles! (But this one did). Almost the whole experience with this car has been frustrating - DON'T GET ONE! Don't do it!

Then there is my Honda - It's older... I expect it to have issues. I recently had to have the Master Cylinder on the Clutch fixed. (They also fixed my heater because it wasn't working... but we've been dealing find without it for the last two winters). There once was a Geo metro, it's airbags had been deployed so I couldn't get it registered in the state of Utah...

There was this one car... I leased it... a Nissan Altima. It was BRAND NEW. And for some unknown reason, this car just wanted to have issues too. (I think that it's me). Anywho - this car's drivers side seat motor went out, so I was driving about as close to a steering wheel as a person could really get. (They finally fixed that). And then , after that, the shifting cable went out while I was driving... the car is brand new!!! (Don't get an altima either).

Seriously, I could keep on going - cars having trouble and me...well, we go together like PB&J... :D

Friday, January 2, 2009

Pictures YOU may have missed

This year was so much fun! So many things to remember, so many things to look back on and smile about. So, from my crazy film files, here are some memories of the most recent month and I hope that they make you smile each time you see them. After all, I know that I get that quirky grin each time I see them! Enjoy!

Above is Ashley's Alter Ego... Agnes... I can't believe that we caught her on film. Below, well, where is that set of bunny ears really coming from???

This year my dad took great pleasure in calling me and letting me know just how low his cost of gasoline was. BUT, ALAS! I think that I finally got a lower price!! (Here's the Costco Proof!)

Darrell insisted on having his hair spiked this year... INSISTED... Does look kind of nifty when it's done up right.

When dad was in Town we got to go see MOTAB. This is the car that he rented (well, they GAVE it to him at the rental place... I don't know if he really had an option for it or not). Either way, I never thought my dad would be pimpin' it out.

HI Ho, Hi Ho, to the Teeemple we'll go! (And we did, and it was phenomenal) Yup... that's right. Awesome in EVERY Way imaginable.


This picture has been fondly tagged as the one where I am giving Jessica instructions on how to get rid of all that food she just ate. Then she can have the flavor, without the fat...

SEE, and she's HAPPY for the advice!

So, from my Quirky family to yours, we hope that you had an exciting 2008 year! LOVE YA!


Kind of

Well, I mean... we rang in the new year two days ago people! So, I know that I am a little bit late. But, yesterday was my "Adventure Day" - so I didn't get online to blob or anything like that. PSHAW! You will all deal with it and you will LIKE to deal with it!

Any who, I re-arranged Darrell's room and put up his new tent that he got from his dad. He likes it better because he can sleep under his sheets now. Who'duve ever thunk that sleeping under the covers would be so sought after by a child? Not I, but alas - this is how things usually go for me.

Yesterday I also used a pressure cooker for the first time in EVER... it was interesting... the gentle rocking motion of the weight at the top... the tender, juicy roast that turned out from my excellent cooking skills. I rocked the casbah. The kids loved it. The roast came out after only 45 minutes of cooking - it was truly yummy.

I already started shopping for next year's Christmas Extravaganza... Just hoping that the commies don't come and take my money away before I get most of it done. My car is in the shop, and it turns out that they might be able to fix the heater finally... :D YAY FOR ME! (Not that I drive the car, but the hubby does, so I am hoping that it goes well... know what I mean? I don't need a popcicle for a hubby is all I'm saying). Anyway, I will post pictures later today... Just wanted to say hello since I am bored at work. LOVE YA!