Friday, January 2, 2009


Kind of

Well, I mean... we rang in the new year two days ago people! So, I know that I am a little bit late. But, yesterday was my "Adventure Day" - so I didn't get online to blob or anything like that. PSHAW! You will all deal with it and you will LIKE to deal with it!

Any who, I re-arranged Darrell's room and put up his new tent that he got from his dad. He likes it better because he can sleep under his sheets now. Who'duve ever thunk that sleeping under the covers would be so sought after by a child? Not I, but alas - this is how things usually go for me.

Yesterday I also used a pressure cooker for the first time in EVER... it was interesting... the gentle rocking motion of the weight at the top... the tender, juicy roast that turned out from my excellent cooking skills. I rocked the casbah. The kids loved it. The roast came out after only 45 minutes of cooking - it was truly yummy.

I already started shopping for next year's Christmas Extravaganza... Just hoping that the commies don't come and take my money away before I get most of it done. My car is in the shop, and it turns out that they might be able to fix the heater finally... :D YAY FOR ME! (Not that I drive the car, but the hubby does, so I am hoping that it goes well... know what I mean? I don't need a popcicle for a hubby is all I'm saying). Anyway, I will post pictures later today... Just wanted to say hello since I am bored at work. LOVE YA!

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