Friday, February 20, 2009

More about what's been going on...

I know that there is this wonderful Journal Jar topic, just waiting to be delved into. I mean, everyone really is just DYING to read about activities that I still enjoy from my childhood - but that's just not what I want to type about presently.

I feel great today. Lively, wonderful, splendid, and all of the other fantastic adjectives. I really just feel like expressing myself. It's Friday. And though my lovely sister does a day in pictures, I still do not have a camera so I am not able to follow in her footsteps here. But, this week has been fantastic for me just the same. There have been a few ups and downs... I will list some below:

UP - Danny Gokey made it through on American Idol (as he should)
Down - I weigh 186 and am NOT happy about it...
UP - I started a great Body for Life program and I feel phenomenal today! (After all, I've made it for 5 days now)
Down - I have these headaches in the morning now... not cool.
UP - I discovered a new delicious recipe for breakfast or snacks!
Down - My tummy is very hungry because it loves food as much as I do and it wants me to eat more.
UP - Temple night - I did two Willie names... felt great.
Down - the aching in my knees and elbows from the lifting of the weights
UP - Rick is home for the week - and doing great in the study that he has been participating in.
Down - While home, there is more cleaning and laundry to do - Why can't the house just stay clean?!!?

Anyway, I feel very accomplished this week. I feel like I am getting something done with myself, and I feel great about it. Right now - I just feel fantastic - and I am grateful for the pushing of the eldest sister to get me into the Body for Life program. I look forward to my butterfly transformation over the next 12 weeks... I'm gonna ROCK the Casbah!


Aislinn said...

you like that quote "rock the casbah" don't ya?!
Lots of great things happened this week - way to go - thanks for sharring!

The Woolston Family said...

You are rockin' it. I want to join you guys next week. This old body is in need for some youthful activity. Don't let me flake, K? Kidnapping may be in order :). I have been sick, sick this week so I never made it to the gym.

Heidi Sue said...

Just remember that it took you more than 12 weeks to put the pounds on. You are too funny, but I think you are great.