Thursday, April 30, 2009


Around this joint - we love soccer. And we love that Darrell and Aspen PLAY soccer. And we love even more that I have a camera with which to take soccer pictures... So... coming to you today is a lovely montage of photographs from Last Nights Game - using the New Nikon!
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ahhh... thanks for the reminder!

So, Ais says to me that I had my dad's camera and I could have taken a picture of my own camera to show everyone... well - I had forgotten about that. But, what's even more interesting is that I had forgotten that I had taken pictures with my father's camera on my Anniversary.

Now - my 5th year anniversary was on Saturday... and we had a really fun day. So, here are some pictures of that wonderful event... :D To start, we had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse - my Mom was there - and so was Ashley, Brendan, Taryn, Aislinn, and Tim ... (all those darn N names... ) Prior to going to dinner, Rick and I checked into our Hotel Room at the Hyatt... for $80 dollars plus tax, it wasn't half bad.So, we walk into this room which (I think) is totally awesome... it has an LCD TV which flips between the bed and the couch area... way cool. I like those little things - the sitting areas and whatnot... makes a place more homey. Even if you are there for only a night.And the Bathroom was so awesome too... it had this cool glass shower... and the way the mirrors were set up on the closet and by the sink, you could see yourself go on and on and on and on.... it was so neat. (Side note- As I was showering, I noticed something appear in the steam... turns out, someone prior to myself had written Redrum on the glass - the cleaning ladies would never have noticed it considering it only showed up in the steam... HAHAHAHAA... Ahem... sorry - So Juvenile! That's better). At the Texas Roadhouse I got several pictures - but all of them turned out blurry... except a few of these... Enjoy!NOW... this is the way that things should be remembered... :D It was cold and wet but it wasn't raining! (Which was a total bonus). Now, I see a perfect opportunity to take a picture of the landscape... isn't Utah Beautiful when it's slightly gloomy outside? (It's a shot of the western mountains)
And of course... I had to get a picture of the board before the game started - wanted to remember who was about to beat the snot out of us... right? Now... side story... on our way to get the picture of the scoreboard - we saw the Scotsman (you always have to have bagpipes at these things). Aislinn wanted her picture with the dude, so I took off after him like a crazy fan... and I stopped him. We did succeed in our goal and got the elusive picture of ScotsDude - but it's on her camera... not mine... Pooh.
Also, on our way to get the picture of the scoreboard, the cheering squad passed us. I didn't get a picture of them up close... but I did get one of them far away- - these are the guys with the drums and stuff... Totally awesome group. The game was exciting... I got tired of standing and sitting in the second half... Matthis was the player of the game... (this is one of Rick's Favorites - he got the shirt right off of Matthis' back at the start of the seasn when he bought his season tickets).And to end our lovely night... Well - you can NOT beat a score so fantastic...

Nikon ... Glorious Nikon

IT's HERE! It's FINALLY HERE! This means that I will be back to blobbing in no time. My camera got here yesterday - and though Aislinn said that I need to take a picture of it, I just couldn't figure out a way to bend the camera lens around on itself to get the shot. So, you have a ridiculous shot from the internet.

But, from what I can tell - I really like this camera. It's very nice. I am not sure how I feel just yet about having to change my lense to get a broader shot of things - but, otherwise - I am liking it so far. Takes some REALLY nice pictures...

Anywho -just thought that I would share the news. Looks like you will be seeing me a lot more on the Blob - after all... when I can take pictures, I am a lot more chatty...