Sunday, June 7, 2009

RSL and David Archuleta -

Sooo, Last night was Soccer night. It actually was a fun day - we went to the Draper temple and then ended up at the game an hour early. Apparently, it started at 8:00PM, not 7:00pm. But, that's alright... gave me lots of time to take pictures of the board and the weather - See, the lovely weather - now, we didn't get rained on. A little sprinkly, and it was windy, but thank goodness there was no rain. I left my jacket in the car, and the ponchos were in with all of the camping stuff - so - we were going to be seriously S.O.L. if it started to rain on us. I had a back up plan to move myself in under one of the awnings. That, or I would hang out in the Ladies room until it cleared - Luckily, I didn't have to do that. :DBefore warm-ups got underway, there was this cool airplane that kept flying overhead. Kept on circling us like a vulture... it was pretty cool, so I got a picture of it.After a while, the team came out to warm up. Check out the calves on dude there - Seriously, they are the size of small melons! Dude has some calves on him! Anywho - moving on...
So, the opening "ceremonies" begin. And from the plane overhead jumps 4 parachuters. One with the game ball , one with the Air Force flag, one with the USA flag - and another one with something, but I can't remember what it was. :P That was pretty neat. Then they ... Dropped the flag for the All Star game... and announced that David Archuleta would be singing our National Anthem. Now, I knew that he was singing after the game, but to have him also sing the anthem, well - t'was tw'erriffic. It was a whole Ta'Do - there were people everywhere on the field. At the end of the anthem they tell us that the airfoce is going to do a flyby - and we are all looking around and nothing... So, then, out of nowhere, a HUGE PLANE goes across the stadium. According to Rick it was "like 9-11 it was so close". Seriously, Nearly gave me a heart attack! But, it was awesome. Even with the heart racing from a jet being so close.
The score was 1-1 - And I was quite bummed about it all... until - That's Right... David Archuleta takes the field with thousands of screaming teenage girls. It was fantastic. Now, David can sing his hiney off - and that part was cool. Listening to him - like I told Rick, I already knew that he was going to be pretty good. After all, we had watched him on American Idol all that time! Why wouldn't he be good? And, I was right. He was awesome. Sounded great live - But, the funny part was all of the girls just screaming their poor little lungs out. That part was the best.Wouldn't you scream if you were 16 and staring at that cute baby boy face that he's got? I didn't scream - well, I did during the Anthem... but, that was the Anthem! :) Actually, I'll admit, if I was younger, I would have been screaming too... He's a doll.


Aislinn said...

yeah - you're welcome for the ticket!
so glad you had fun - I would have screamed and I'm not 16 - but I would have done it just to show em' how it's done!

Cindy said...

My husband would envy you. He LOVES RSL!


Monarch Photography said...

That is awesome!!! I know it's so teenagerish.. but I love DA!

The Woolston Family said...

OOOOO! That would have been a fun place to be. Glad you got to go!