Thursday, August 13, 2009

Circe and her Phone

This Summer - Circe got a cell phone. Little did I know what happens when you give a 15 year old a cellular device. It's kind of like feeding a gremlin aftermidnight or getting it wet. (You all remember that old movie - right?) See - their whole world starts to function around this little device. It's incredible. They can't go a day without it - they MUST text their friends. They MUST have it in their pocket. I think that they even sleep with it. They check it constantly, even if it has not gone off. And, if the device has not vibrated in more than 10 minutes, they will then text their friends to make sure that they are still on the other end of things. Just to be sure, you know... If you take it away, even for a moment, the graspy little hands come out and it's "Come on! Give it back!" Never mind the fact that they have been managing their life just fine without it for 14 years prior... and who cares about sleep when you have texts to send!?! Anyway, just wanted to share...

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