Sunday, October 18, 2009


1 Day and 11 years ago - Kennedy E. G. - was born into this world. A lovely, red haired sight to behold. I am not a blessed with punctuality (and neither is she) as some of my blogging counterparts. However, I finally did get to the point where I could post a few pictures for all to see. We didn't have a big party for Kennedy, this year is not her year for a party. She was allowed one friend over and we had a BBQ at her dad's house.
So, this is her BFF and Jujitsu counterpart - Emily. This is the first time I have really met emily off the mat, and she seems to be just like any other 11 year old girl. Giggly. I can easily smell trouble with this one here...
Though I have lots of pictures of the present opening, this is the one that I am posting because she's not laughing so her mouth is not wide open and you can actually see her smiling face.
Ahhh, the tradition of blowing out the candles -
And the tradition of smashing the cake into the face. Now, this was something that I usually don't allow the kids to do - Traumatic childhood events and whatnot. However, Emily insisted that Kennedy get her face smashed...
And that her face be smashed as well. . . . All in all it was a good birthday for Kennedy. She sends her love to all. I can't believe that she is 11. I have a feeling that the next 7 years are going to be very, VERY, interesting. very.
We hope you had a happy one.


The Woolston Family said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

from: The Woolstons

Aislinn said...

Glad she had a good day