Monday, November 9, 2009


This weekend we went to my Mom's house for a short visit. (Weekends are always WAY too short in my book). And on Saturday we decided to take Aspen to the Colorado National Monument so she could become... ba da de dummm... a Junior Ranger. Kennedy and Darrell have already done this program twice before - but, naturally, they wanted to do it again... so, off we went.
On alcove nature trail there is an area where the kids (Yes, D qualifies as a kid too) climbed up the side of the mountain. I, personally, feel like it's too high, but this has kind of become a tradition since we first did the Junior Ranger Program - This time Kennedy wasn't too certain about going all the way up. Then Grandpa D said "I'll show you how to do it!" And up he went. I am shocked that he didn't seem a bit sore on Sunday!
Towards the end of the Alcove Nature Trail, the sandstone has been worn away by the wind. The girls insisted that they saw a mountain lion up in one of these "caves" - I think that it was doubtful... but, ...
And, a picture from across the Monument to Window Rock -

Fun day... the kids all got their Junior Ranger badges (Yet again). And we got to spend a lovely day with G and G. They have lived there "FOREVER" and it was their first time going up to the Monument together. I think that they should invest in a yearly pass - it's really beautiful up there. But then again, at the same time - very scary. I can't stand that there aren't fences up the whole way around so a child doesn't slip and go right over the edge, but that's just me.

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