Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dipping Chocolate

This past Saturday, my lovely sister taught me how to Dip - pi - dee - dooo things in chocolate. You see... delicious, wonderful, melty bowl of happiness above? Yeah... it's all that and more. More like... PERSONAL HEAVEN. :)This is before the melty gooiness can get all over the place. The dropping of the Mallows... quite a fun experience. It's lots more fun trying to get them out... slippery little devils.
One of the lovely finished products - I figured that I would sprinkle a little pepper-minty happiness on the tops of my mallows of chocolate bliss.
AND ALAS! An entire cookie sheet of chocolaty melted bliss! And I did them all myself- with a little help from the eldest... Aren't they the most lovely goodies you have laid your eyes on? Ok, fine, that could be taking it a little bit too far. After all, I have seen better. But for my first attempt, they turned out pretty well. And they weren't very hard to do. I am grateful that Ais showed me how so I can dippity doo the chocolates each Christmas season now. (Hey, that rhymes...)


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Aislinn said...

lookin' good! Hope your neighbors like em'!

The Woolston Family said...

Look at all that MMMM!, MMMM!, Goodness.