Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures that I finally got Developed

So, on my Birthday cruise in 2008, we went to Roatan (See, Roatan was ON my birthday - so way cool).  Anyway, while in Roatan I got to go snorkeling (because that's what I do.  I love the water... and the ocean... and the blue...)  So, I had the Underwater camera, but I had not developed it.  Why?  Well, I am not sure, I just know that it was sitting around in my case waiting to be developed.  But, I like to stare at it and say "There are some cool pictures on that there camera, there are". So, Kennedy was helping me with my room the other day (Sometimes my room becomes a breeding ground for all the junk in the house) and she said "Is that an underwater camera?" and I responded with a "Yeah.  It's from my birthday cruise"  And then she proceeds to tell me that she thinks that I need to get it developed.  So, off to the walgreens we go- and an hour later we have ... These...
While under the sea in Roatan, I got to see so many cool fish.  Rick gave being under water a shot, but he really did not prefer it.  He's a bit claustrophobic in all of the gear that he had to wear.  And with being under the water, and having to swim through the maze of coral (Yes, there was a MAZE of coral), well, lets just say that it wasn't his favorite "Excursion" of the cruise trip. But, it was definitely one of mine!!  So, there were several schools of fish that I got to swim right next to - so very neat.  I don't know what kind of fish they were, but they looked like Dory fish to me.  Probably wrong on that, but that's what they looked like.
Naturally, I give the undersea adventure a double dumb thumbs up.  I look funny in snorkeling gear, but so what?  This year, we are going to Roatan again, but this time I am taking Kennedy with me.  We are going to swim the open seas!!  She's been practicing treading water and all sorts of stuff just so she can be ready to go.  We are going to get her an underwater camera too - maybe she will come up with a school of fish or something. 


The Woolston Family said...

SWEET! I miss that little paradise.

Aislinn said...

OOO - love the pics - LOVE EM'! Can't wait to share this little secret with Shani and Jaren this year - and to rekindle my love for this quaint little piece of heaven! AH - I can almost smell the fundidos and shrimp - YUM!