Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recap on Pinewood Derby:

So, Pinewood Derby Time - This was Darrell's first year.  We let him make his car, and paint his car, and determine exactly what he wanted his car to be like.  There were many ups and downs with this process.  He's not the most patient kid on the planet, and he was discouraged that the paint didn't look perfect the first time around.  He had this idea of how he wanted the car to be, but he couldn't quite get it to his imagined status.


So, the car was finished and off to the races we went.  Darrell's car wasn't the fastest one out there, but it wasn't the slowest one out there either.  He got 4th, 3rd, 3rd and 2nd.  Discouraged at first but feeling a little bit better as the races continued on.  The first race he was up against his cousin (whose car made it to the finals.. YAY Nathan) so, it isn't surprising that he placed 4th in the first race. Of all the cars, I thought that his was the best looking one - but then again, I am a LITTLE biased on that one.  With the reds and blues, yellows and purples, well, you really can't go wrong.  And besides all of that - the car had FLAMES on it.  "And, everybody knows that cars look cooler with flames".  In the end he had 12 points and wasn't able to make it to the finals, but he got a cool ribbon and he learned about sportsmanship.  He's already starting on ideas for next year too.


The Woolston Family said...

Good Job Darrell! Hope you had fun with it all. That's what counts.

Aislinn said...

YAY For pics!! I am glad that D got to be in the pinewood derby and that he had so much family support. And the fact that he did a lot on his car says a lot too - some of those cars weren't done by the kids at all and that's just sad to me! I thought his car was pretty cool lookin' too!