Thursday, February 4, 2010

So many things to talk about... so little time...

Well, in a whirlwind of excitement you all missed the School updates, The Pine-wood Derby, the fact that I am working out  - and I LOVE Yoga - my Mom came to Visit - and, that's right, I even got time off to go to the upcoming scrapbook Expo.

So, here is the latest with the Kids School - Perhaps if I am feeling up to it, I will also post the pictures for the Derby, and you can MAYBE check out the Blubber Blob to see what's going on with Weight-loss... yeah... I am rockin' in the free world.
This past week was parent teacher conferences with both of the kids teachers.

Darrell, well, the boy is just on fire.  He's got straight A's and he's doing great.  "Did you expect something else?" (As he, himself, asked his teacher)  His picture that he did of the Parthenon was chosen to display at the front of the school for the 2nd grade class.  He's very proud of it and I didn't get a picture of it because I didn't have my camera at the Parent teacher conference.  But, when he brings it home I will scan one so everyone can see it. It does look SO awesome.

Then there is Kennedy - who pulled her grades up each by a full letter grade.  Apparently being in the Student Body as the Vice President has it's perks.  She wants to stay in the student body so she has to work hard to keep her grades up, and so far, this is paying off for her.  What a great reward!  I honestly agree with the teacher, that being in the Student Body has been the best motivation for Kennedy, who (Quite Frankly) always needs a little extra pushing to stay on the right track.

Both of the teachers have high recommendations for each of the kids... and I ask (Just like Darrell)  Did you expect something else?


The Woolston Family said...

Way to go kids! And thanks for sharing your whirlwind. You go girl! (That ones for all the workouts.)

Aislinn said...

glad that the kids are doing great - and D is right, did you?!
They are smart kids and with the right sort of motivation - everyone can accomplish great things, glad that K found her's (this year!) ;)