Monday, April 5, 2010

Mmmm... Eggggggsssssss

So, this weekend was Easter.  Though I did get this Idea from an E-mail that was sent to me, I just thought that it was so funny... and the kids had to agree that my morbid sense of humor was quite the riot on Saturday.  So, before Dying eggs on Saturday, this is what happened.  The story behind it really is simple.  The poor cracked egg couldn't be boiled - so I figured that I would set up a scene with him instead... 
Then the two evil counterparts got boiled along with their buddies... BWAHAHAAAAA!!!
Then, they got dunked into the vat of Acid - Isn't that how all super villains are made anyway?
ALAS!  The final product - the Green Hulk Egg and the "I'm so blue!!" Egg.  
Oh... and the kids did have fun too. I promise!! I'll have to post some of their Egg dying adventures in a little while.  I just wanted to share something other than Soccer Pictures. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Skateboard King

So, during Christmastime, Darrell got a skateboard.  He was so worried that he would never ever be able to ride it because there was just TOO much Snow. Now that it's warming up (hahaha, considering it snowed yesterday again) Well, anyway, he's been out and about trying out the board.  

He already knows how to walk it in a circle and stuff - it's really pretty neat, considering when I get on it - well, it doesn't move very well.  (Or I just fall off entirely).  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You GO Hank Smith From Utah!!

We all love inspirational stuff - we, as L.D.S. people also love for our children to learn how to look inward, and behave in a manner that would be pleasing to the Lord.  Well, Hank Smith is a E.F.Y. speaker, a seminary teacher, an RM, and many other things.  He's also very funny and has put out several CD's with his talks.

The talks are mainly meant for teens and youth - we originally got them for Kennedy, but decided that we would listen to them with all of the kids around. Darrell, it turns out, LOVES Hank Smith and his talks.  He has 2 of the CD's memorized at this point.  So, naturally, when Hank was coming to Celebrating Sisterhood at Rick's store, we decided that we would take the kids down there to meet him. 

It was a GREAT Experience - Darrell was simply enthralled with Hank.  Darrell even Quoted Hank's own CD to him.  As we were leaving Darrell said "Mom! He's just so AWESOME!!" - I would have to agree with Darrell on that one.  Hank Smith is - well - SO AWESOME.  And though he may never read it, I would tell him Thank You for having these great, inspiring talks for Youth.  I would also recommend that if you have teens, or even Tweens - these cd's and talks are Fantastic!!

If you want to ever look them up - they are:
Be Who You Are (His most recent one)
Thou Shalt Be Nice
Real Life

He has 2 more coming out between now and February of next year - we can't wait!