Monday, April 5, 2010

Mmmm... Eggggggsssssss

So, this weekend was Easter.  Though I did get this Idea from an E-mail that was sent to me, I just thought that it was so funny... and the kids had to agree that my morbid sense of humor was quite the riot on Saturday.  So, before Dying eggs on Saturday, this is what happened.  The story behind it really is simple.  The poor cracked egg couldn't be boiled - so I figured that I would set up a scene with him instead... 
Then the two evil counterparts got boiled along with their buddies... BWAHAHAAAAA!!!
Then, they got dunked into the vat of Acid - Isn't that how all super villains are made anyway?
ALAS!  The final product - the Green Hulk Egg and the "I'm so blue!!" Egg.  
Oh... and the kids did have fun too. I promise!! I'll have to post some of their Egg dying adventures in a little while.  I just wanted to share something other than Soccer Pictures. 

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Nicki Swilor said...

that's so funny. i've seen the emails with pics like that. how come my brain isn't smart enough to think i could actually do that too. i know it would make me laugh. thanks for doing it for me.