Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trivial Pursuit Night

So, last night we went to A's house for Hasbro Game night - and we played the newest, not released yet, Trivial Pursuit - and it was SO fun. Seriously - so very fun. Being able to place bets on whether a person will get a question right or wrong - well, that just makes it more fun.  Even Rick had a great time - and that's saying something for a game night - And A made this MOST SCRUMPTIOUS cake - and I don't even want to KNOW what is in it... but yet I do... because it was so tasty- you should totally visit her blob and see a picture of the cake too - not only was it delicious, but it was so cute!  

Anyway, what a great game night - thank you A for such a fun evening!  

Sex and the City

So, because my Friend April gave me all of the seasons of sex and the city to catch me up - and it turns out that I really like this show.  It's addictive!  Anyway, I am finally on season 4 - and 1/2 - and I just figured that I would share - I think that this show is so fun -   Next show??  I am going to give Patty's "True Blood" a try - I hear that it's just as wonderful... Anyway - just wanted to share...

PS - Good Morning - Yes, I am feeling much better since my Vent - Thanks for listening  before...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Though I know that you can't tell from my Picture - that is... 

Yup  - the adorable David cook from American Idol.  :)  He sang after the R.S.L. game last night (they Totally won 1 - 0 ) .  Anyway, It's the ONE time I didn't bring my big camera with me.  I usually tote it around, but I thought "Well, they are going to do like David Archuleta and have only certain people allowed on the field... so, I won't bring it... OOOH BUT NO - this time they opened the field to all... and we were able to get up pretty close.  With my nekked eyes I could see the hot , studly David Cook - but my camera just didn't quite capture it from my phone.  
So, we got to traipse along the winning field after the game.  The concert was pretty slick once they figured out the bass for the field... and David Cook sounds just as awesome has he did on the show - maybe he will come in concert for REAL to SLC sometime... that would be simply awesome...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lagoon... YaY

So, I know that I said before that today we were going to go to Lagoon for my Obeo work thingy... party - whatever you want to call it. ANYWHO - this is the first year that all of the kids were tall enough to go on almost all of the rides (Minus things like The cliff hanger... which skinny boy shouldn't be going on anyway, he might slip right out of those restraints)  It was a teensy bit rough at first.  D was still not certain that he wanted to go on any of the big rides - but after a little bit of a warmup and a ride on the Spider, he finally he was ready to give the Fire Dragon (AKA Colossus) a shot.  By the end of the day, after every ride, it was "Lets go back to the Fire Dragon!"

And then there was the Wicked ride... All of the kids took a little bit to warm up to Wicked - but it quickly became another favorite today.  They all rode this one 2X.  Apparently, this ride was TOTALLY WICKED.

I think that the worst thing we saw all day was this poor kid that did NOT want to go on the Tidal Wave - 
Well, this poor kid  was kicking and screaming and crying the whole time - and his parents forced him to go, and he had his poor head buried in his mothers lap the almost the entire time during the ride.  There was a few times where he would look up but he had this horrible look of terror on his face... And even when the ride was over, he was crying - even after they got off and went down the gangplank - still going strong... This was a SERIOUS protest.  Anyway - Yeah - that boy is REALLY going to need some serious therapy when he grows up.  We totally witnessed this kid have that ONE moment when his whole world tilted to that need for therapy... for a long time.  

HAHHAAA - Ok.  going to bed now. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Memorial Weekend

So, on this lovely Memorial Weekend we decided to make the rounds and see the "Grandma's" 
This trip started by us leaving on Saturday evening and Driving off to Ferron where Grandma Healey lives.  It was a fun ride, the kids were ready to go LONG before we ever made it out the door - but isn't that the way that it always is?

After a visit in Ferron, we were off to Grand Junction to see Grandma Sandy.
Now, here is my disclaimer - I am, (Tee hee), A bit of a smarty pants.  And I had been wanting to go to Dead Horse Point for many moons... because (from the way I remembered it) It was a lot closer than Moab.
Now, Rick told me that it wasn't really as close as I thought, but oooh no- I would not let that deter me.  So, when I saw from the interstate that Moab was only 30 miles, I decided to do the whole "SEE - I told you so!" thing... and I exited.  Turns out, I was right - the TURNOFF for Deadhorse point is closer than Moab, but the drive to get there is actually a lot further than I remembered.  
Anyway, I decided that we better make the best of it.  We were a little bit later getting to Grandma Sandy's but I got some really good pictures of Deadhorse Point - AND, with the new software that I have, I was able to stitch them together, even from my little Hovel in Bountiful.
SO, the above pictures that you are viewing there, well - those are actually 4 different shots, just stitched together. So, you are TECHNICALLY getting a Semi-Panoramic view of the place.  Yeah, it was way awesome.
One of the things that Grandma Sandy does when we come is "the Ice Cream Sundae Party" - enough stuff to make you sick. (And some of us probably were, but just didn't admit it). The children stuffed themselves silly with Brownie Bites, and Oreo's, and Toppings, and Ice Cream... Ahh- what fun.
The next Day we went and saw Grandma Beth and her Quilting Factory.  This is something that I REALLY want to learn - and here is the heads up, if you ever want to teach me, I would be happy to shoosh and do exactly what I am told, just so that way I can learn how to quilt.  Oooooh, what fun!  Grandma B has SO many that she has started and is working on... I am Envious of her incredible Talent here...
After Grandma B's we went to 
Where Grandma Sandy decided to get things for - the Batting Cages, and Bumper boats (After much coaxing from the kids I am certain).  Well, neither GS or Grandpa D wanted to go to the bumper boats, so I was the good sport that got the extra ticket on this one.  Needless to say the little devils ganged up on me and I was DRENCHED.  I don't think that I dried off until we got back into Price that evening.  I was CRAZY wet.  So... not.... cool.

Anyway, it was a really fun weekend.  We got to see the fam, and the kids got to get me soaked, and I think that my only MAJOR complaint (Because we all know that I am an expert complainer) would have been the ridiculous traffic in the canyon over someone loading a boat onto a tow truck.  MAN, I seriously hate rubberneckers.  Well, that, and the fact that I have a MASSIVE headache - I think that it's from all of the sinus pressure - and my ears never unclogged once we got through the canyon.  Oh Well...