Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lagoon... YaY

So, I know that I said before that today we were going to go to Lagoon for my Obeo work thingy... party - whatever you want to call it. ANYWHO - this is the first year that all of the kids were tall enough to go on almost all of the rides (Minus things like The cliff hanger... which skinny boy shouldn't be going on anyway, he might slip right out of those restraints)  It was a teensy bit rough at first.  D was still not certain that he wanted to go on any of the big rides - but after a little bit of a warmup and a ride on the Spider, he finally he was ready to give the Fire Dragon (AKA Colossus) a shot.  By the end of the day, after every ride, it was "Lets go back to the Fire Dragon!"

And then there was the Wicked ride... All of the kids took a little bit to warm up to Wicked - but it quickly became another favorite today.  They all rode this one 2X.  Apparently, this ride was TOTALLY WICKED.

I think that the worst thing we saw all day was this poor kid that did NOT want to go on the Tidal Wave - 
Well, this poor kid  was kicking and screaming and crying the whole time - and his parents forced him to go, and he had his poor head buried in his mothers lap the almost the entire time during the ride.  There was a few times where he would look up but he had this horrible look of terror on his face... And even when the ride was over, he was crying - even after they got off and went down the gangplank - still going strong... This was a SERIOUS protest.  Anyway - Yeah - that boy is REALLY going to need some serious therapy when he grows up.  We totally witnessed this kid have that ONE moment when his whole world tilted to that need for therapy... for a long time.  

HAHHAAA - Ok.  going to bed now. :)

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Aislinn said...

ha ha... love the story about the little boy that didn't want to ride. Yup - therapy... he may even kill his parents in their sleep for such torture!
Glad you had fun. Sad I couldn't go! Oh well...