Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to school - Back To school - To prove to dad that I'm not a fool...

Oh yeah, they look excited don't they?  The first day back to school was today.  The kids met their teachers last week and both were certain that they were going to have a miserable year.  However, at the end of the day today there was nothing but excitement regarding the classes that they both were in.  I think that the biggest complaint that I got was from D - and he told me that he looked like a "smore" - with the graham cracker pants, the chocolate shoes, and the marshmallow shirt - Leave it to him to think of something like that - though there were plenty of other kids wearing the same thing since their school is a "uniform" school.  

The homework started immediately - and day one is always the easiest - I'm just waiting to be tricked up - you know?  When they start sending home those math and science questions that I don't have the answers to anymore... it's going to kill me!  I wonder how many times I am going to have to "Learn" this stuff before I actually retain it.  Anyway - here's to the new school year!  Hoping it stays as smooth and soft as day one - CIAO

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Aislinn said...

yay for school... and I don't see a smore, just a darling little man in a perfect little uniform! hehehee..... glad all went well!