Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sad Day for Trees Everywhere

So, a few nights ago - it was MUY MUY Windy outside.  There was thunder, there was lightening, there was wind that just wouldn't stop blowing.  The next day I was taking out some trash - I looked out the window, and behold - our tree in the backyard had been felled by the windy wind.
This was the tree with which firing squads (for the water fights) would take place.  The tree where pumpkin pictures were taken from - the tree that gave us a little bit of shady shade in the back yard area of our little hovel.
I had no chance!  The other day they brought in the chainsaw guys to haul it off piece by piece.  The tree is no longer there.  It is but a bare spot in our yard.  OOOOH ! How we will miss thee - oh tree!

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