Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's Play Catch-up... (part 1)

So, as you all probably know - we recently went on a cruise.  BUT, before the cruise we had a birthday party for Darrell (A Surprise party with Star Wars Clone Wars stuff and even a cool R2D2 Cake made by Ozzie's Cake Designs).  Darrell finally turned 8 years old.  For those that are wondering, he is waiting to be baptized until family can make it in town. So, we will be doing that next April with his cousin - consider it a dual thing.  Though, I think that we should be able to pick the venue since he's the one waiting... but that's just me. :)

Anyway - so, here are a few pictures from his rad-a-tad tad birthday party... Enjoy!  (See, like we are enjoying the cake and stuff... yeah - you BETTER enjoy). 
 YODA SODA!! This was a party hit.  Take some Lime sherbet, some Sprite (or 7-Up) throw in a little dry ice, and you have a lovely concoction that reminds you of the planet that Yoda lived on... Affectionately termed by D - Yoda Soda. :) Yummo is what it is... Just plain yummo.
 The cake - ALAS - made by Ozzie's Cake Designs, this lovely, TASTY Chocolate cake was shaped like R2D2 - it was perfect for this party!  (And, just FYI - we left, went on our cruise, came home, and the cake was still moist and delicious after a week! INCREDIBLE!!) 
 D helped to light the 8 candles that were on his R2 Cake 

 D Also helped cut his cake!  
The party was a great success - thank you to and Ozzie's Cake Designs.  Here are some of the goodies that we gave away in the bags to take home...

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