Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let's Play Catch Up (part 2)

We left to go on our cruise on September 17th - This was Kennedy's first cruise and well deserved.  I will preface this with a few things - 1) The RULE around this joint is that they have to be 12 to go. (She is still 11 and her birthday is not until October, but this fell right at the perfect time).  2) She had to have good grades... and I don't mean just "Well, that was good", I mean "I can clearly see that you put forth effort and deserve this trip for your effort".  She pulled straight A's out of nowhere the last semester of 5th grade. (She had C's in some classes, and pulled them up to A's.)  So, We went on our cruise!  And here are some pictures from that GRAND Event!
 This picture was taken the morning that we were going to see the Dolphins at Xcaret - our port was Cozumel but we took the ferry over to the mainland.  The day started off kind of cloudy and stormy looking, but it really improved as things burned off.
 Kennedy got to swim with the dolphins for the first time! Though there were some people in her group that were just so full of themselves, Kennedy kept her eye on the prize (Mr. Dolphin).  She swam with the mommies, and the babies, and she got to touch them and play with them a little.  This was an earned reward from her dad for her hard work in school.  I don't think that she will ever forget it either.
 ALAS!  The soft serve Machine!!  She had been told wild and crazy stories about the wonders of the never ending soft serve machine from her grandpa - now the time had come for her to test it out - and she did... daily.  Sometimes multiple times a day!  This picture was the first time she tried out the soft serve... but there were many other times when she was caught with a bowl or cone as we went through the trip...
Her BLUE Card - that's to show that she's a first timer - the rest of us have GOLD cards... hahahaaa!

 Ahhh, the delightfulness of the Warm Melting Cake - which K also ordered every night that she was on the boat.  Warm Melting Cake, a scoop of Vanilla and a Scoop of Chocolate Ice Cream, along with her hot chocolate.  I think that we have a choco-holic on our hands... maybe. 
YES! She picked up the life preserver!  See the rainbow behind her?  If you don't you can always click to enlarge the picture and then you can see the rainbow behind her.  Again, this was the morning we ported in Cozumel.  

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The Woolston Family said...

I can smell the ocean breeze and taste that melting cake. AHHH! I so wish I could have joined in on the fun. Glad you were able to go.