Thursday, February 17, 2011

Made In China

This is going to be my small Rant of the day - Do you all realize that I should totally be kicked out of this country?  I mean, really - where is my Patriotism?  Where has it gone?  Today I went shopping with my sweetheart to pick up a few things that we needed, and a few that I wanted.  I was looking at the things that I "Wanted" and noticed that I am not helping the American economy out, AT ALL!  Everything that I had decided on was - you guessed it - MADE in CHINA.

See, here is the evidence -

 I really feel that one of the reasons our country suffers is because more of the work that should be in the states is being outsourced to cheaper labor outside of the country.  It's nice that we have been helping them, I did a fair job of it today) but I really think that it's time that they start bringing the jobs home.  If the jobs and factories were brought back to the states then the country would be able to have a low to non existent unemployment rate.  Ooooh, but no.  Our bleeding hearts are so gullible that we are willing to help out everyone but ourselves.

So, lets start putting high tariffs on US companies that go outside the country to develop goods and services and food for the states.  MAKE them bring the jobs home - Then we can start improving the serious situation that we as a country have found ourselves in, right? 

PS: Sylvania light bulbs are still made in the states - and I buy those... so, there is at least a SMALL Contribution on my part whenever I need lightbulbs -

PPS: Again, if you can't see the pictures, go directly to my blob - I often wonder why facebook posts some but not others - so if you want to see them, you know where to go now.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HAHAHAAA - It's finally here!!

I know that it's dark - and I took this picture at 10:00 tonight - But, .do you see what I see?  that's right - it's snowing.  TAKE THAT SILLY GROUNDHOG - predict an early spring, it gets warm, and what happens?  That's right - Global Warming is proven wrong once again!  It's nice and cold - It was getting a little toasty here, but finally - the snow is back.

Don't get me wrong - i really dislike the snow - BUT, It's Wintertime - it's SUPPOSED to snow.  I don't happen to like spiders either, but when I find them OUTSIDE (in their OWN space instead of mine) I typically will leave them alone.  In my house they are good as dead though.

Anyway, Just wanted to show you the pretty snow.  It's still coming down so who KNOWS what it will look like in the morning - but that's just fine by me. :)

The Future as we Know it...

I (for one) am no (Shhhhhh) Conspiracy Theorist
It's just not what I do.
But beyond that, how can you say that a person IS in fact a (ShhhhhConspiracy Theorist, if they have evidence that shows that whatever it is they are yammering on about really did happen?

In the most recent months I have been looking more and more at a few things around me - paying more attention to things that are slipping through at the Federal level, that people just are not paying attention to because it didn't hit up the 5:00 or 10:00 news.

Are we REALLY so naive that so many of our rights are truly being snuffed out, and we just think that because we are "American" that we are protected? Or that just because it didn't show up on the News that it didn't happen? 

Anyway, this is just my small rant - the future as we know it is always changing (Well, obviously). It's not going to stay the same just because we live in the United States - I know that most of you who read this are adults, and you know this already - but don't be surprised if you see articles that get posted on my Facebook page or even here that you didn't see on the 5:00 news - Because there are things that are happening that should be known!  

Though, I promise that I will at least research what I post (To the best of my abilities) - I encourage any discussions on the material, heck - I don't care if you all have a war over the stuff that's posted, but please be thoughtful and don't start attacking "Republican" or "Democratic" - because, it's not about that - they are all in the same boat - they are just wearing different colored t-shirts to confuse everyone else.

Anyway, this is your "notification" - I didn't want anyone just Freaking out if I put something up that was more "extreme" than the typical happy stuff that I post.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There once was a Mechanic named Travis

Who was a dang thief
(but we already knew that because we discovered that he didn't ever do any of the work on the cars like he said that he did. (Thank you Mechanic Bob))

Anyway, Back in August of Last year (after I found out that Mechanic Travis was not doing the work that he said that he was), I finally cornered the man at his office. This was not an easy task as every time I had tried before he never showed up, or he didn't answer his phone.  Just one excuse after another.  So, I got him in his office and I confronted him about the work that had not been done on the Honda or The Jetta.  The oil pan, the fuel pump, the fuel relay.  (I found out later on that the brakes on my Honda were put on Backwards!)  Anyway, I confronted him about how he charged me and charged me for services that never needed to be done in the first place, but weren't completed or were never completed in the first place. After this conversation and confrontation he gave me 3 checks to pay me back but he could not locate a check that I had given him but he had not cashed.  He was supposed to destroy this check when he located it.  I, being the gullible Aonika that I am, believe that when he found it he would do just that.  And I totally spaced putting a stop payment on the check.

*Yeah* I know - can't believe that I just believed he would destroy it after all of the other stuff he didn't do - but he seems like such a nice guy! (Seriously, he's very personable).

SO, A few weeks ago I found out that there was money missing from my bank account - after researching it I found out that he had gone into the bank and found a nice teller - like the guy in the picture below - 
Yeah, see how he's schmoozing that woman!?!  Anyway, I am sure that's what Travis did - he went into a bank and even though the check was 9 months old, and you could see that he had altered the check and signed my initials to the best of his ability, AND he wrote his name at the front of the "Pay To" line - somehow, he schmoozed the teller and he/she cashed the check for him.

Why wasn't it Cancelled like he said?  That LYING SACK OF !&*#$@! and stuff!  

So, I filed a police report
Called the bank
Filed and affidavit of forged/ changed check
and waited.

I hope that they get him - 
On a side note, they called me to ask if I could Identify him - I started to describe him - tattoos on the biceps, always wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes/boots.  He's bald.  I can also tell you that he's ALWAYS at the Gold's Gym at 3:00 - 5:00 
The lady on the phone said "WoW -he's wearing just that in the video!"

REMEMBER - Cheetah's never prosper - nor do they change their spots.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just an additional Valentine's Day Note

Because it REALLY was a fantastic Day. 
Monday Nights I have the kiddos - usually the highlight of my week, unless it's a Weekend, or a Wednesday, or any other time that I have them. Ok - fine - I will admit that when I have the kids with me it is generally the Highlight.  Nuff' said.  

Anyway, Big D got a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas (Remember - "You'll shoot your eye out!!") Though we have gone out and shot the gun a few times, it has been really cold. The weather has been warming up a little bit (though I am not fooled, I know that the cold will come back) so I told him that he should shoot his gun today.  Just for fun - dust off the old Boom-Stick

So - He did


That little stinker got a Kill shot!

Also - I ordered this fantastic cake from OCD Cakes - you can't tell me that it's not the most Awesome Valentine Cake that ever existed.  I can tell you that it was delicious as well - with a Raspberry filling in the center and delicious Fondant - the kids LOVED it - and so did the HUBBY.  Thank you thank you thank you OCD Cakes -  

I am going to insert my shameless Plug here - if you haven't added OCD Cakes on Facebook yet, you need to - they are fantastic!

The Gramma Van -

Because I haven't updated in a while, I am sure that most of you were not aware that I have inherited my mom's van - affectionately known as "The Grandma Van".  

It needed a little extra love - and work - and I needed a more reliable vehicle because the Jetta just sucks nuts - So, My mom was looking to upgrade and though I swore that I would NEVER drive a Mini-Van (And I did put up a pretty good argument for a few years before I couldn't get away from it anymore), this little baby and I are now joined at the backside.  (Oh ha ha)

Anyway, the kids will not let me rename the Grandma Van - nor will they let me put a different air freshener in it because they like the Grandma Smell - So, if you are wondering what the lovely fragrance is when I get near you, it's not me (After all, I never shower) It's the fresh scent of Grandma.

And just for everyone else's information - I really do like sitting higher than everyone else on the road except for the large SUV's and Semi Trucks and a few others that I won't mention.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day -

 That's Right - You know what time of the year it is... It's that Mushy, Gushy, Sticky Sweet, time of the year when Lovers are all over each other, and people are getting engaged - or married - or whatever.  That time before the beginning of Spring where you have your last sinful fling with a box of chocolate - swearing that because of the harmful relationship it has with you, that you won't touch it for another year (or at least until Halloween) ((But, secretly - we all KNOW that you are going to sneak more in the upcoming weeks at Easter... don't you lie!)).  
It's the time of the year when Pink is more prevalent than any other color - though it really doesn't match many of your Winter ensembles - the time of the year when even though Roses are not really in bloom outdoors, the florists will find a way to provide for all of those crazies that want to pay a ton for flowers. (Which are going to DIE anyway)  When children are forced to show love to their classmates and look to pick out the least "telling" valentine day cards to print their name on - or maybe they can hide the goosh with a piece of candy or a sucker... 

I just thought that I would say that I "LOVE" this time of the year - So, don't be bashin' on it or anything like that.  Or I might just have to come over there and do something drastic - Just to prove a point.
On a side note, We did candy grams for the kids for school Tomorrow - They will get a cookie that has a card that says that I love them to the end of the Multiverse and back plus 1 to whatever they say... 
I think that this year I may have FINALLY Bested them.

Happy Valentines Day !!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ballad of Mona Lisa

You all know that I am such a Sucker for a catchy Tune and that I just LOVE Panic! At the Disco.  Anyway - Their first album knocked my socks off - Their second album was sub-par in comparison. Now that they have released their first song from their third album (Yeah - you know, the one that Rick said would NEVER happen) I am happy to report that this song has the look and feel of Album number 1.  Almost to the point that I am slightly obsessed with this song / video combination.

Because of this, I just had to share - why? Well - Rick would say that it's the fact that I like to torture all of my friends - I would say because I like creative things. There is a serious difference when it comes to musical likes in different genres of music between the two of us (this is no secret).  Anyway, you listen - judge for yourself.  I am going to continue to like them regardless... 
Anyway - ENJOY!

PS:  If you read this on Facebook, you will not see the link to the Video- Just YouTube it. :) LOVES!

Friday, February 11, 2011

In the words of the Zep - It's been a long time

Been a long time
Been a long
Lonely Time

Too much has gone on to catch anyone up - So I will just start from present excitement...
Yeah, that's right- in the next month and a few weeks it will be...
(Ahem - I need a drumroll please)

You know - that place that I got to satiate my mad obsession with the piecing together of  - well - pieces of paper. SO much FUN - this year I will be taking the "K" with moi - for a day of fun filled adventure and mad uses of glue and sticky stuff. I can't wait!

Just need to print off my pictures.