Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HAHAHAAA - It's finally here!!

I know that it's dark - and I took this picture at 10:00 tonight - But, .do you see what I see?  that's right - it's snowing.  TAKE THAT SILLY GROUNDHOG - predict an early spring, it gets warm, and what happens?  That's right - Global Warming is proven wrong once again!  It's nice and cold - It was getting a little toasty here, but finally - the snow is back.

Don't get me wrong - i really dislike the snow - BUT, It's Wintertime - it's SUPPOSED to snow.  I don't happen to like spiders either, but when I find them OUTSIDE (in their OWN space instead of mine) I typically will leave them alone.  In my house they are good as dead though.

Anyway, Just wanted to show you the pretty snow.  It's still coming down so who KNOWS what it will look like in the morning - but that's just fine by me. :)

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