Thursday, February 17, 2011

Made In China

This is going to be my small Rant of the day - Do you all realize that I should totally be kicked out of this country?  I mean, really - where is my Patriotism?  Where has it gone?  Today I went shopping with my sweetheart to pick up a few things that we needed, and a few that I wanted.  I was looking at the things that I "Wanted" and noticed that I am not helping the American economy out, AT ALL!  Everything that I had decided on was - you guessed it - MADE in CHINA.

See, here is the evidence -

 I really feel that one of the reasons our country suffers is because more of the work that should be in the states is being outsourced to cheaper labor outside of the country.  It's nice that we have been helping them, I did a fair job of it today) but I really think that it's time that they start bringing the jobs home.  If the jobs and factories were brought back to the states then the country would be able to have a low to non existent unemployment rate.  Ooooh, but no.  Our bleeding hearts are so gullible that we are willing to help out everyone but ourselves.

So, lets start putting high tariffs on US companies that go outside the country to develop goods and services and food for the states.  MAKE them bring the jobs home - Then we can start improving the serious situation that we as a country have found ourselves in, right? 

PS: Sylvania light bulbs are still made in the states - and I buy those... so, there is at least a SMALL Contribution on my part whenever I need lightbulbs -

PPS: Again, if you can't see the pictures, go directly to my blob - I often wonder why facebook posts some but not others - so if you want to see them, you know where to go now.