Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There once was a Mechanic named Travis

Who was a dang thief
(but we already knew that because we discovered that he didn't ever do any of the work on the cars like he said that he did. (Thank you Mechanic Bob))

Anyway, Back in August of Last year (after I found out that Mechanic Travis was not doing the work that he said that he was), I finally cornered the man at his office. This was not an easy task as every time I had tried before he never showed up, or he didn't answer his phone.  Just one excuse after another.  So, I got him in his office and I confronted him about the work that had not been done on the Honda or The Jetta.  The oil pan, the fuel pump, the fuel relay.  (I found out later on that the brakes on my Honda were put on Backwards!)  Anyway, I confronted him about how he charged me and charged me for services that never needed to be done in the first place, but weren't completed or were never completed in the first place. After this conversation and confrontation he gave me 3 checks to pay me back but he could not locate a check that I had given him but he had not cashed.  He was supposed to destroy this check when he located it.  I, being the gullible Aonika that I am, believe that when he found it he would do just that.  And I totally spaced putting a stop payment on the check.

*Yeah* I know - can't believe that I just believed he would destroy it after all of the other stuff he didn't do - but he seems like such a nice guy! (Seriously, he's very personable).

SO, A few weeks ago I found out that there was money missing from my bank account - after researching it I found out that he had gone into the bank and found a nice teller - like the guy in the picture below - 
Yeah, see how he's schmoozing that woman!?!  Anyway, I am sure that's what Travis did - he went into a bank and even though the check was 9 months old, and you could see that he had altered the check and signed my initials to the best of his ability, AND he wrote his name at the front of the "Pay To" line - somehow, he schmoozed the teller and he/she cashed the check for him.

Why wasn't it Cancelled like he said?  That LYING SACK OF !&*#$@! and stuff!  

So, I filed a police report
Called the bank
Filed and affidavit of forged/ changed check
and waited.

I hope that they get him - 
On a side note, they called me to ask if I could Identify him - I started to describe him - tattoos on the biceps, always wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes/boots.  He's bald.  I can also tell you that he's ALWAYS at the Gold's Gym at 3:00 - 5:00 
The lady on the phone said "WoW -he's wearing just that in the video!"

REMEMBER - Cheetah's never prosper - nor do they change their spots.

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