Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Post Title?

I find Blobbing to be so dang time consuming recently!  Seriously!  Who has time for blobbing anyway?  With Bloggers new features and layout, well, I figured that I would see if it would help speed things up... but it hasn't so far.  Mostly because, apparently, I still have to type.  Why can't blogger just pull the information out of my head and put it on the screen, complete with pictures and words and emphasis?

Anyway, nothing going on right now - my adorable sister had a very cute baby, about 5 weeks too early.  My good Friend found out that she is having a girl, another friend just found out that she is expecting, the woman on the soccer team informed me that her sour looks were because she is 10 weeks along, and I have 2 others that are due in the next 3 months.  There are babies EVERYWHERE.  

I was at a U2 Concert a few months ago, watching their little ticker of number of deaths, number of births, number of accidents, you know - and I could not believe how fast the numbers were turning.  However, after looking around and finding out how many of my friends are preggers, well, I guess I could believe it?  A little?

Anyway, Leo Gentry is way cute - I don't have a lot of time - but when has that ever been anything strange? Nothing really changes, right?  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I know that every now and then we come across a "Look - A - Like" - and this was sent to me a while ago.  BUT, I ran across it again today and thought... "Jeremy?" - it's not him... but it sure does look like him.  The face, nose, hair, glasses, even the SMUG look on his face... So - I figured I would share it here.. .BWAHAHAHAA.