Friday, January 20, 2012

The Milk Has Gone Bad

So, though I was not aware of this little story until tonight, I feel that I must share... because it is too delightful NOT to share.  After all - I do have the funniest of funny men living at my house.

So, I have Winder Farms deliver my dairy - why?  Well, because it's delicious.  And last night I requested that Chocolate Milk be delivered with my regular order.
It comes in a container that looks something like this.  

Anyway, D-man must have been really tired this morning because he had asked the Misses if the milk had gone bad.  After all it had "Turned Brown".  
Well, the Misses thought that D-man was joking, until... Tonight at dinner.
Tonight at dinner D-man made the comment again about the milk going bad... and I pointed out to him that it was chocolate milk.  He was not used to this as I typically get plain milk in the glass bottles and we mix our own chocolate into it - Needless to say, there was much teasing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share another funny - because that's precisely what it was - funny.  Now, Laugh.

Gettin' the Grades

So, yesterday was "Parent Teacher Schmooze Day" - where I, the responsible adult, gets to go and meet with the other "responsible adults" that are in charge of my child's education.  As usual, the D-man gave a stunning performance coming in with all A's.  He never ceases to amaze me.  They give him work - he does the work.  They give him more - he does it too.  Each time he does the work it's as if the answers had already been imprinted on his brain - he just does well.  Naturally.  (I am pretty sure that he gets that from me - thank goodness).
So Purty She Is 1/18/12
Kadoodily Doo got all A's too - except 1 B.  1.  From her ridiculous P.E. teacher.  Because apparently, even though other teachers allow you to make up work, he doesn't.  It's P.E. for crying out loud! A VERY Serious class!  You MUST Take it seriously or instead of getting an A, you will get a score lower than an A - and that will go on your permanent record my friend!! PERMANENT - RECORD!  I will say this though, I am pretending that she got an A in that class anyway.  I think that her teacher is a total Tard when it comes to his grading.  It's P - E... . . . Idiot.

On a Funny Note - I was talking to her Favorite Teacher - Mr. NedzsomethingthatIcantfigureouthowtospell
Here was the Conversation:

Mr N. - "Did she tell you the story about the Blue Eyes?"
Me - "Um, no.  I haven't Heard this one."
K - (Groan) "Not that story!"
Me - "Oh, I've got to hear it now."
Mr N. - "Well, I was at the chalkboard talking about dominant and recessive genes.  And as I am drawing out the chart to show the dominant and recessive genes I say "So, I have blue eyes.  And if I find a lovely wife who has blue eyes... - upon which K raises her hand and says ""I have blue eyes!"".  All I can do is stare at the chalkboard and repeat to myself "don't turn around, don't turn around".  When I finally do turn around, her friend has leaned over to her and told her what just happened, and K is 4 shades of Red."
K - "I wasn't paying attention!"
Me - (Laughing)

All I can say to that story is "WOW".  So, now I get to share it all with you lovely folks!

The kiddos make the mama proud.  I don't know how the other two did in school.  I am certain that Squiggly did just fine.  She usually does.  As for the Eldest, well, only God and her own Mama know the answer to that as we never hear from her.  She's, after all, 17.  That should be all that needs to be said.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saying Goodbye - Hello Hello...

So, many - oooh so many, Moons ago - I purchased a Sony Vaio for our house.  See, I like how the Vaio looks when it's written out.  LOOK AT IT!  Now, it hasn't been the BEST computer - it hasn't been the worst either.  It HAS worked for us though, and it continues to work for us.  BUT, the Misses just couldn't take "it" anymore, so last night he went and got a new computer.

It looks something like - THAT.   At this time I would like to say that I don't mind admitting that I am slightly irritated by this purchase.  BUT - at the same time, we are glad to have the new computer at the homestead... It does run faster... and it does seem to perform well, right now.  But give it a few years !!

Sigh - this is just one more thing that keeps me from getting what I really want... Which is...
I have saved moolah so many times to get it - only to have to bend and get something for someone else.  Or fix something.  Or buy clothes.  When do we ever get to get what I want to get?  I know that this is a slight rant, but really - I just am tired of letting everyone else get their TV's, and Their Movies, and their games, and toys - I want a toy for me! I want THAT toy.  And it seems like every time I get close, something goes wrong.  Or, I have to get CREATIVE to get it - like "Well, sell your other camera.  Or sell some of these things on Ebay"... why Do I have to do all the work - Have I not Earned it?

So, if anyone wants to donate to my "Feel sorry for me and help me get my camera" fund - please feel free to do so.  I won't stop you.  I might even ask you to hold on to all of the money that was already saved so no one else can take it and have it used for their own wants.

I also need to have someone come up with some sort of Indian chant for me - something like a Rain dance? So when I chant it money will fall from the sky for my camera... Anyone out there got one of those?


Update - I do have an nice DSLR (D60) but it's not as fast as I need it to be for the sports that I like to shoot... just wanted to let you all know.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Inky Dinks

You know, I realize the other day why I don't blob as much anymore.  You see, it's that I don't have a whole lot to say about anything important.  The Misses - he talks about IMPORTANT stuff - like Fema Camps, Chemtrails, Aspartame, Kensey, Ron Paul, School Systems, Monsanto, Lyme Disease, the Trivium, Coverups.... I can keep going.  Trust me.  I can.  And while he's talking about all of this important stuff, all I can think about is what craft craft I am going to do next.  There are so many to choose from! So, I feel a little bit out of place with my blob, when he is out there worrying about important things - and I am worried about getting my next glue gun fix.... BLAH.

Right now, I am scouting out for glass bottles for next months project.  So, if you have any that you want to donate - please feel free.  I will gladly accept them and turn them into something else... because next month's project is going to be very puzzling... very puzzling indeed. Just wanted to give a small update.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Здравствуйте! and Привет.

Здравствуйте! and Привет!  
Today I decided to look at my Pageviews - I don't always do this as it is depressing sometimes.  I mean, I type and type and type and then I don't hear anything back from anyone.  It doesn't do well for my self importance in any way.  
BUT, today I decided to look.  Turns out - people from Россия Visit my blob a lot more than even family members in the US do.  So, благодарю!!

 I will admit that I have often attempted to learn Russian - I wasn't very good at it.  To me it feels as though I have a mouthful of marbles.  Same with German.  And Spanish. And French... oh, and just about any other language that I try out.  But that does not mean that I don't appreciate the culture.  I am probably one of the most enthusiastic people I know when it comes to other cultures.  I just don't have the talent for communication - and for that Мне очень жаль.   
THANK YOU for my Russian Audience!  At least SOMEONE loves me! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year - Startin' off right

Happy New Year everyone!  I am starting things off just right this year.  Last night (NYE) was totally fun.  We played games with the kids - realized that D-man can only have 3 properties and somehow still dominate at Monopoly - and I made soap.

Oh yes, you read that right!  S-O-A-P .. .. Actually, Laundry detergent.

I have said it before and I will say it again - I adore Pinterest.  I have resolved to do a great many things this year and I think that Pinterest is going to really help things.  One of my first ideas was that I wanted to start using things that would help me to save money.  I saw this recipe for Laundry soap on Pinterest, and it was not expensive to throw together - so I went for it.  the most expensive part was the jar that I bought - and I bought the jar because I didn't have one thing in this house that would work to hold my new concoction.

 So, first I bought everything that I needed:
1 Box of Borax
1 Box Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda
1 (3lb) Tub Oxi Clean
3 Bars of Fels Naptha
2 Boxes of Baking Soda
and 1 Jar to put it in

Then I got home and put it on the counter so I could take a picture of it.

 Then I went and got my 5 gallon Bucket and lined it with a trash bag to mix things together.  I grated the bars of Fels Naptha - which makes your whole house smell fantastic.  The woman on Pinterest did NOT lie when she said that.  And I blended all of the other ingredients.  I stirred it with my hands - and  just wanted to note that clean-up was a breeze - the Fels Naptha washed right off of the Grater with no problem at all.
When I was all done, I put it into my new Jar.  I had a little left over and I added the extra to the (Now empty) bucket for the Oxy Clean.  I added a Tablespoon Scoop as everything that I've read says that you won't need a lot of this with your Washing.  If you have a High Efficiency washer, I hear you have to add it directly, but that it doesn't suds a lot so it works just fine.

I did start using my soap already and my clothes come clean and have a pleasant smell.  If you like a little scent to your clothes, you can consider using a fabric softener, like Downy.  I wash things on Cold typically and the Fels Naptha dissolved just fine.

So, what's the next project?  Well, I didn't take pictures of the frames yet, but I am going to start my "Art Wall" tomorrow.  I will have to put up pictures as soon as I get them all taken... but in the meantime, may you all have a Happy and Productive 2012!