Friday, January 20, 2012

The Milk Has Gone Bad

So, though I was not aware of this little story until tonight, I feel that I must share... because it is too delightful NOT to share.  After all - I do have the funniest of funny men living at my house.

So, I have Winder Farms deliver my dairy - why?  Well, because it's delicious.  And last night I requested that Chocolate Milk be delivered with my regular order.
It comes in a container that looks something like this.  

Anyway, D-man must have been really tired this morning because he had asked the Misses if the milk had gone bad.  After all it had "Turned Brown".  
Well, the Misses thought that D-man was joking, until... Tonight at dinner.
Tonight at dinner D-man made the comment again about the milk going bad... and I pointed out to him that it was chocolate milk.  He was not used to this as I typically get plain milk in the glass bottles and we mix our own chocolate into it - Needless to say, there was much teasing.

Anyway, I just wanted to share another funny - because that's precisely what it was - funny.  Now, Laugh.

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