Friday, February 17, 2012

I finally got my Pikle!

 And let me just say that THIS THING is amazing.  I think that everyone should have one - why?  Because now I am super prepared - for - ANYTHING. 

So - what is a Pikle?  Well, it looks like a little wallet with zipper pouches to put all sorts of stuff in so you can be prepared.  I saw it when I was on my favorite site - you know....  Pinterest.  The link to their webpage is: 

So, it is this little wallet looking thing and it comes with all sorts of stuff - plus you have extra space to put other things that you might find useful too.  There is a hand sanitizing pen, a sewing kit, a tide stick, pill case, tissues, tweeters, hair ties, rubberbands, safety pins, bandages, and so much more.   
 So, I got this Pikle - 2 days after I ordered it. (Talk about FAST) - I put all of the stuff together in it, and there was still room for my own stuff.  So, I have Asprin and Pepto, and hydrocortizone just in case someone DOES get cut and needs a bandage... dental floss.... Just STUFF. And it all is neatly packed into my Pikle - and it fits in my purse.
So, now my purse is super organized.  If I am in a situation where I need one of these items it will be really easy to find too.  I think that everyone should have one of these - I LOVE MINE SO MUCH!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

- Valentine's Day - Everyone Else is doing it...

So, why can't I?

No, Really - Everyone else is writing about love, or in love, or out of love, jaded by love, hounded by love .... Everywhere I turn it's something else about the fluffy pink holiday.  So, why can't I write about the fluffy pink Holiday too?
Ode to my Sweetheart - who will probably never read this - but that doesn't mean that I don't feel like sharing the sentiments anyway.  So you can all sit there and read the sappiness which is my professed love for the Misses.

Actually, I was just saying to the Misses the other night, that there really is no one better for me than he.  He tends to agree with that assessment.  And, of course, I agree that he should agree with that assessment as well. Our quirky paths crossed in such an odd way that it was only fate that we should end up together.  

Now, 8 years later, I look around and think to myself - how did this happen?  I will spare you all the saucy details - because this blob is public - and you never know if there are children in the room - but I can say that I am glad that it did.  

Now, he didn't propose on St. V-Day - nor did we get married on St. V-Day - but I know that it's a special holiday just the same.  So, here are the top 10 reasons why I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it.
10) Because my man makes a Mean German Pancake.  Actually, he's a fantastic cook, and will typically do most of the cooking around the house.  He's got a killer Stroganoff, a Mean Spaghetti, and has finally figured out how to do Salmon to LITERAL Perfection.
9) There are not many people out there that I am friends with, or that I know, that can truly appreciate music.  Back in my dating years I was with someone that spoke through music - and when I met the Misses this was one of the first things that attracted me to him.  His repertoire of song and verse.  To this day we still enjoy a good symphony together, finding new songs that we both enjoy, and trading up our old favorites.  I hear that "Music is the language of the soul", and if that is truly the case, this his and my soul have been in tune from forever.

8) His witty personality.  Though most people don't quite get his humor, to me - it's ecstatically amusing. Most people don't know this but my own father was a random word generator in his previous life.  When these two got together, it was like Peanut Butter and Jelly.  The mix was perfect!  Naturally, since I had been around witty humor my entire life - I can appreciate the Misses use of words in an effective manner.  It's just too bad that the majority of the rest of the populous  doesn't always catch on as quickly - otherwise, they would be laughing themselves silly in his presence.

7) His uncanny X-Men powers.  I can't share his superpower here, but I can say that it's the best superpower in the whole world.  Actually, number 7 would be his appreciation for the Super Hero aspect. I just wanted to throw you all off. Anyway, Because of the Misses, D-Man has an appreciation and love for Super Heroes and comics.  Something I think that every little man should have in their life; like trying out for football, or climbing trees.  

6) The Misses has an amazing Brain.  You know, I understand that people say, when it comes to dating and such, "Don't say things like - I love your eyes, or you have a great brain - that's just a turnoff." BUT, it's so true.  Dude is a pretty logical individual.  He spends a lot of his time, well, Thinking about things.  Putting things together.  If it needs a solution, the Misses can find it.  Math? What about math... nothing seems to hard for him to solve or figure out a way to fix.  It's amazing to me.  I feel so dumb in comparison most of the time - he remembers things like Names, Places, People, Events, Dates - UGH! I can't even keep track of it all!  So, the Brain of the Misses is one of the reasons that I love him so much.

5) He will WILLINGLY Apologize.  Without provocation.  If he does something, and he knows that it's wrong, he will approach me and he will genuinely say that he is sorry.  I do not know many other hubby type people that are willing to do this.  At least not without the, "I'm sorry BUT..."  My Misses, he will apologize and he will mean it.  And it's usually me that has the hard time coming around, but not him.  And for this, I am so very grateful.

4) He's... (in my Hank Smith Voice) "my protector".  "He will protect me!"  I know you all can't hear the voice in your heads... but think of some foreign french guy speaking, then hear the voice in your head.  Actually, it's true.  I am very independent - but even I need, from time to time, someone that will stand up for me, look out for me, and make sure that the way is safe.  Of all the people in my life, this man cares for me more than anyone other than my own mother and father.  He protects me - and he gets very offended when I allow others to hurt me - he stands up for me and tries to show me, even when I am being pigheaded, why I should stand up for myself.  

3)  He Knows Who Killed JFK. *Update - OK - OK - Apparently he doesn't REALLY know this... BUT, He knows a lot of other stuff* Actually, that's not really the point.  The point is that he pays attention to the world around him.  He realizes that it's not a perfect world but he still tries to make it work for us and our family.  Along with all of this knowledge, I have learned so many things - like HOW to learn better and looking out for things that are meant to make me a zombie.  It's amazing all of the stuff the he knows about what is really going on out in the world!

2) He has a relationship with God and he's not afraid to use it. I mean, share it. This is a reason with a sub-reason.  We have a class that we teach for Sunday School - (Actually, there are several sub-reasons in this reason).  I say "We" teach, but really, he teaches it.  He's an amazing teacher - and he's inspired.  He will be teaching and he will realize that there is a better way to get the message across to these 10 and 11 year-olds.  He will use it - and you can just see that they GET the message!  I say, "Wow - that was clever!  How did you come up with that?" And he will say that it just came to him. He knows that God is there, he has a testimony, and he's not afraid to share it, and this makes me so proud of him, and proud to be with him.

1) And - the #1 reason - Easy... He's ALL mine. Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine! 

Now, there are a few Honorable Mentions I wanted to make - they should have been in the top 10, but there are so many! I should have made it a top 20.  This is why Casey Kasem went from top 10, to 20, to 40 and eventually a top 100 countdown.  BUT, I digress - Here are the 
Honorable Mentions:
A) My husband has the most beautiful Dome that ever existed.  Look how perfectly round his head is - it's amazing!  And he looks good sporting it when it's shaved... :)

B) He's an incredible dancer - he's got natural rhythm and that's saying something. I've seen a lot of people dance in my time - and he's just really smooth about it.

C) He's the most amazing Goalie and Soccer player that I have seen OFF of the professional field.  I so, SO, wish that he would play more often.  I love to watch him play the game!

D) He's a Walking Dictionary.  Just try to beat him in Word Whomp, or Scrabble.  Betcha can't do it. 

E) He's SO competitive, and because of all his amazing knowledge and his competitive nature, we always win the games that we play against other family members.  I think that's why they don't have us over more for trivia game nights and stuff....

F) He Loves our kids.  He might not always be the best at communicating this to them - he's better at showing them how he feels when they are around them.  That being said though, He genuinely pays attention to them, listens to them, and cares about them.  When they are not around he worries about them and tries to think of things that he can do to help them with their own lives.  He RESPECTS them and their opinions and he does not put them down when they have an idea or feeling to express.  He keeps them thinking all the time and does his best to help them as they transition into teenagers and soon, adults.  

And... that's all for this St. Valentine's Day Post.  I hope that if you can't be with the one you love, then you love the one you're with.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Glenn's got Nothin' on Kadoodle....

ALAS!! Kadoodle's "Glenn Beck" face!!  You can't tell me that it's not one of the best impressions you have ever laid your own, sad eyes upon.
So, how did this picture really come about?  Actually, we were feasting on Dessert at our Local Chili's restaurant and I was playing with my camera and we were taking pictures of different faces.  She pulled this one and I took a picture of it - and I thought to myself "Gosh, that looks very familiar." Then I remembered where I had seen that face before.  So, today I was yanking down pictures from my camera - and there it was again - here to share! 

Don't worry - by the end of the night - after our delicious dessert - she was smiling again - See...

Gotye- Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra)- official film clip (HD)

Often I find myself singing to this song - it's a new song out there on the Radio.  It's not necessarily the lyrics that I love, but more the plink plink in the background and the harmonizing of the vocals that I am quite fond of.  Not only that, but I found that I have identified with the vocalist's website, and he has some other music that is really amazing.  Feel free to listen - hum along if you know it - and if you don't - perhaps you will have found that you like Gotye... Perhaps.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

And Russia Comes in First again!!

Read it and weep Avid Fans!  
Russia still loves me more than the rest of you all!  Здравствуйте! and Привет!  

As for the rest of you - step your game up! Or, at least let me know that I am not really that interesting..... 

Pinewood Derby - Coming your way - with Pictures

So - Pinewood Derby - we meet again! (Not for the last time I hope).  This year we were a little bit more prepared than we were the first time that we did the Pinewood Derby.  We got started on D-man's amazing car a few weeks before things were getting going.

The Pattern was selected - carefully drawn - and cut by D-man's own hand.  He had a bit of help from a handyman in our church though.  There was polishing of the axel nails to be done, and sanding to be done.

After the rough cut, the Misses helped with an additional sanding and paint and wheels.  Then D-man added decals - some red stripes, skull flags, and a skeleton on the top.  Then his lucky number - 17.

The Ex came by on the night of the derby and helped set the final weights on the car - then there was much pep talking and of course preparation just in case the worst were to happen... you know, last place....

Time and Time again - the cars would line up - The Ex hubby was asked to pull the lever releasing them down the track to the winner's circle.  There were three rounds total (I think by that time fingernails are all chewed off) - and each car had to race each lane at least one time.  Cars with Teeth.  Cars with drivers.  Cars with stripes, gold, 3 wheels - you name it... (don't worry - the car with 3 wheels eventually got a 4th) I think that every type of car was represented... in the house... blazing down the track....

See number 17 on that list - see all the 1's!?!?!  Well, D-man in the first set of runs took first place the whole way.  As you can see though, car number 8 just below him only took 2nd place 1 time.  Turns out, we might have a little competition on our hands, eh?  Not to worry though - as every proud father pulls graphite out of their pockets to apply more for the second round...

Number 17 - took 1st and then got a 2nd... Could this be trouble in the land of Pine-Wood?  Could there be a TRUE contender?  We were anxiously waiting to see - so much so that even Kadoodley-Doo quit reading her book and focused on the races.  She had cars she was pulling for, cars that she would like to see crushed - it was really quite fun.

Ooooh - the anticipation!
Who Will Win?!?!
Who will get the "most cautious driver" award? (Yes, they had one of those - I believe it was for the kid that scored the MOST points...)

In the End - D-man took 2nd place.  Car number 8 placed 1st place.  This was quite the improvement from the last time that we raced at the Pinewood Derby - and you can see - he was not disappointed. Just so everyone knows, the next big thing that we are doing is the Scout-A-Rama tickets.  I think that this year we are going to have D keep a spreadsheet and do "Pre-sales" - like they do with the Girl Scout Cookies.  This way, on "Crunch Day" (Which is the first day that he has to sell tickets) if we already have his 30, he will be ahead of the game.  Any takers?  If so - send me a note or an e-mail and I will be happy to put you on the list and collect your monies early - We are GOING to get that patch this year... 

Come and Get me You Tasty Morsel of Love

LOL - OK, so I will admit that I frequently go to "Cake Wrecks" online - why?  Well, because I think that it's so funny when you find cakes that are just - Terrible.  This one I picked up last night because D-man liked the lips.  What was it supposed to be?  A Green M&M?  From far away I thought that it was an attempt at the Grouch from Sesame Street - but then I saw the HUGE Lips on the cake, and couldn't figure out what it was for.  Interesting huh... So, I took a picture to share ... enjoy!