Friday, February 17, 2012

I finally got my Pikle!

 And let me just say that THIS THING is amazing.  I think that everyone should have one - why?  Because now I am super prepared - for - ANYTHING. 

So - what is a Pikle?  Well, it looks like a little wallet with zipper pouches to put all sorts of stuff in so you can be prepared.  I saw it when I was on my favorite site - you know....  Pinterest.  The link to their webpage is: 

So, it is this little wallet looking thing and it comes with all sorts of stuff - plus you have extra space to put other things that you might find useful too.  There is a hand sanitizing pen, a sewing kit, a tide stick, pill case, tissues, tweeters, hair ties, rubberbands, safety pins, bandages, and so much more.   
 So, I got this Pikle - 2 days after I ordered it. (Talk about FAST) - I put all of the stuff together in it, and there was still room for my own stuff.  So, I have Asprin and Pepto, and hydrocortizone just in case someone DOES get cut and needs a bandage... dental floss.... Just STUFF. And it all is neatly packed into my Pikle - and it fits in my purse.
So, now my purse is super organized.  If I am in a situation where I need one of these items it will be really easy to find too.  I think that everyone should have one of these - I LOVE MINE SO MUCH!


Aislinn said...

hehehe... I had fun looking through it! It's pretty cool - I hope you never have to use it, but then again, I hope you do -weird huh?!

SassAFrass said...

ooo fancy!! I have not seen these I will have to investigate.