Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pinewood Derby - Coming your way - with Pictures

So - Pinewood Derby - we meet again! (Not for the last time I hope).  This year we were a little bit more prepared than we were the first time that we did the Pinewood Derby.  We got started on D-man's amazing car a few weeks before things were getting going.

The Pattern was selected - carefully drawn - and cut by D-man's own hand.  He had a bit of help from a handyman in our church though.  There was polishing of the axel nails to be done, and sanding to be done.

After the rough cut, the Misses helped with an additional sanding and paint and wheels.  Then D-man added decals - some red stripes, skull flags, and a skeleton on the top.  Then his lucky number - 17.

The Ex came by on the night of the derby and helped set the final weights on the car - then there was much pep talking and of course preparation just in case the worst were to happen... you know, last place....

Time and Time again - the cars would line up - The Ex hubby was asked to pull the lever releasing them down the track to the winner's circle.  There were three rounds total (I think by that time fingernails are all chewed off) - and each car had to race each lane at least one time.  Cars with Teeth.  Cars with drivers.  Cars with stripes, gold, 3 wheels - you name it... (don't worry - the car with 3 wheels eventually got a 4th) I think that every type of car was represented... in the house... blazing down the track....

See number 17 on that list - see all the 1's!?!?!  Well, D-man in the first set of runs took first place the whole way.  As you can see though, car number 8 just below him only took 2nd place 1 time.  Turns out, we might have a little competition on our hands, eh?  Not to worry though - as every proud father pulls graphite out of their pockets to apply more for the second round...

Number 17 - took 1st and then got a 2nd... Could this be trouble in the land of Pine-Wood?  Could there be a TRUE contender?  We were anxiously waiting to see - so much so that even Kadoodley-Doo quit reading her book and focused on the races.  She had cars she was pulling for, cars that she would like to see crushed - it was really quite fun.

Ooooh - the anticipation!
Who Will Win?!?!
Who will get the "most cautious driver" award? (Yes, they had one of those - I believe it was for the kid that scored the MOST points...)

In the End - D-man took 2nd place.  Car number 8 placed 1st place.  This was quite the improvement from the last time that we raced at the Pinewood Derby - and you can see - he was not disappointed. Just so everyone knows, the next big thing that we are doing is the Scout-A-Rama tickets.  I think that this year we are going to have D keep a spreadsheet and do "Pre-sales" - like they do with the Girl Scout Cookies.  This way, on "Crunch Day" (Which is the first day that he has to sell tickets) if we already have his 30, he will be ahead of the game.  Any takers?  If so - send me a note or an e-mail and I will be happy to put you on the list and collect your monies early - We are GOING to get that patch this year... 

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