Friday, March 9, 2012

Twinkle Twinkly Wittle Staw!! If I hear you again I'll run you over with my car...

No, no... I'm just kidding!  I wouldn't run anyone over with my car just because of all of the versions of Twinkle Twinkle little start there really are.  Anyway, Last night was the recital for all of Marx's kids.  I have a video of Kahlyn playing too but I will leave that up to her awesome Madre to post - 

 I really don't know how many times I have heard Twinkle Twinkle little star - not just from D-man practicing at the house, but for an entire concert.  Variation A - Theme - Variation B, C, D, E, F, G... oooh so many.
 BUT, it really was wonderful to see that his hard work paid off.  He played very well and didn't stop or anything - which makes me so happy!  I hope that we get to move on with a different song now... but I have an idea that we don't - that we have another 8-9 variations to go.
 Just a few more snaps from last night.  The whole group of kids together and D-man actually SMILING at the camera.  That kids is so hard to get a good picture out of sometimes...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I don't mind admitting that I am really, REALLY, proud of my "Scout".  He's not a boy Scout yet, but he will be in a few years.  Right now Big-D-Man is part of the Bear Scouts.  This is the second year that he has been selling "Scout-O-Rama" Tickets, and he is Very good with his pitch.  *He even did some Preselling this year*

On Day 1 - he sold a total (with his presales) 60 tickets.

We didn't go out on Sunday - after all... that's a day of Rest...

But MONDAY we went out - and he sold another 18 Tickets.  I think that we need to introduce him to AmWay... though, I think that people are nicer to Boy Scouts than they are to AmWay salesmen...  Actually, Tuesday was no sale day - he had his rehearsal for his recital.  We did go out on Wednesday of this week and he actually had people tell him that they wouldn't get a ticket from him because he wasn't with a certain ward with the church... can you believe that?  (Well, I can... but I was there).

All in all though, the boy has not let any of them get his spirits down.  He would probably try to sell tickets every night if he could.  BUT, he can't because he is with his dad part of the time - and they don't usually go out selling together.  I am not sure if he will make his goal of 600... but he is WELL on his way to making 100... which is more than he did last year. :)

SO, if you see us coming by, or if you want to donate to his cause - please let him (or myself)  know.  Unless you are in Alaska (You know who you are) or out of the state of Utah,  we will dress up in Uniform and deliver it right to your door.  And he will even tell you his whole speech and why it's so amazing and why everyone should go.