Monday, April 30, 2012

Oooh yes, I am a busy woman...

Where to begin... where to begin....

Well, I don't know - so I will just pick a picture and go with it.  .   .

First up we have - Strawberry Jam.  I know that I have described them before, but Bountiful Baskets is just AMAZING.  I got 9lbs of strawberries this past Saturday.  What to do with 9lbs of strawberries?  Well, lots of suggestions were made for this epic event.  I could make pie (which I probably will), Smoothies, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Ice Cream... Jam.... And JAM actually seemed like the one thing that I would like to do last night - so I did.
Now, there are so few jars there because I only did 1 batch... I had a terrible experience with Apricot jam where it didn't set up, and though it is good on some dry biscuits, it's not so good for PB&J - so, I was a little hesitant here. But, by the time the jars cooled last night I could clearly tell that the Jam had set up - so I will be making more tonight.

Also, last week I got together with a good friend - and she showed me how to do these 10 minute quilting blocks.  I will admit, that for me it was something like 20 minute quilting blocks - because me and my seam ripper got really close the first few times that I tried to piece them together.  But, eventually I got into the flow... This is part of the top - made with D-man's shirts and the family jeans (Tee hee) that were discarded and probably should have gone to the DI, but someone told me that a jean quilt would be pretty neat to do... and so far - so good.
I don't know how to do the backing yet - but I am sure that I will either have someone step in and show me OR I will read about it, or I will learn something about it in a Jo-Ann's class.  This one is going to be tied for sure - but mostly because it's denim, and I understand that Denim is pretty tough to quilt.

Anyway, that's the crafty stuff that I have been working in over the weekend. .  .  . If you need Jam... let me know - I'll have a bunch when I am done.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend

For those of you that do not know, each Easter (Whether I have the kids or not for the holiday) We dye Easter Eggs. A few years ago I decided that I was going to draw some faces on the eggs and do a "Terrible Scene" about a cracked egg, and the worrisome faces of those remaining.  This has become a tradition.  I still have some of my own faces, but I have taken faces and Ideas from other egg-cracking people as well.  I hope that you all enjoy this Easter's "SPRINGTIME MAYHEM" as much as I enjoyed creating them.

**Note - this blog shows violence and images that pertain to the murder of innocent eggs - viewer discretion is advised **

(tee hee)

Oooh yes, Mr. Egg - you have NO chance?   

(By the way) this part was so gross... the death of an egg is never pleasant to witness... unless you are the one taking the pictures. BWAHAHAA!

Be Careful that you don't get a little Egg on your face... 

We meet again Mr. Egg...  
What's that you say?  Don't eat you? Please??

 Ahh, but you are so tasty!!

(I love the look on Kadoodle's face in these pictures... She really didn't want to do it - it was the crazy photographer that made her do it... in her defense).
Take THAT Mr. Egg!

This is one of Darrell's creations - a zombie Egg.  The cool cracks on the red egg were caused by them dropping Mr. Egg prior to the Dyeing session.

 Have a Very Happy Easter Everyone!

The Most Exciting News... EVER.

Alright Everyone - 

This is going to be a really short post - why?  Because - I am the one typing and that's what I say that it will be.  I have THE BEST NEWS EVER.

Ok - GUESS. 

No - I am not pregnant.


No - I am not finished with my degree yet...


That's RIGHT!

My very, VERY, very Best friend - Lori B - You know the one.  She lives in Alaska.  Well...


She and her lovely sweetheart were thinking of moving - and she thinks that it will be so.  Oh My GOSH!  I am so excited even though it's a year away.  SO SO SO SO SO SO Excited.  She will be close enough for me to drive over and see in 1 Day's worth of driving.  And we all know that I am the TANK when it comes to driving. 

So, now - NOW I have to start working on how I am going to move closer to her... Oregon is not that far away - and Rick has ALWAYS Loved it.  It will be a few more years before we look into that ourselves, but still...wouldn't that be amazing!  

Really - this is the most exciting news... 

Now you can go back to your regularly scheduled programs.  BUT, stay in tune because later today (As soon as Rick gets off of the main computer) I will be posting pictures of the eggs that we drew. :)  YAY!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SPRING BREAK... and soccer

I don't have any pictures! (GASP!) How can this be?  Well, that's because I was at home when I cleared my SD Card last time.  I came to work, had a moment to blog - thought "Well, I have LOTS of new pictures because it's Spring Break... and Easter... and Soccer Season..." . At that point, I plugged in my camera to find that there was nothing on my card. I was aghast. WHAT? How can there be NOTHING on my card?

Then... I remembered.

SO, no pictures for you right now.  BUT, I will post some later tonight.  I can't WAIT for you all to see my newest Easter Eggy Pictures.  You will love them.  no... really - they are so funny this year. :)

Until later - Adooooo