Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Industrious KaDoodley Doo

 This Weekend, KaDoodley was set to a learning amazing tasks -  Things that she had never learned before.  She made 2 dresses, blackerry jam, and blackberry cobbler.

With the dresses, she made one for her and one for Squiggly.  She picked out the material, and the thread.  She learned how to pin it and fit it and put straps on it as well.  

With "Rambo" (The new sewing machine) she began piecing it all together.

The hardest part was adding the straps at the end.  Both of the girls got to wear their pretty dresses on Sunday - they looked so cute!  (And they didn't fall apart or anything so that's a total plus right there!)

And Though I do not have pictures of the Jam in jars, or the cobbler - Kadoodle did those too.  Once again I went through Bountiful Baskets and got my fruit.  It was delicious!  She did the process from start to finish, only stopping when she got tired from the stirring.  Everything set up and sealed - so no worries there!  Looks like we will be giving some of this out around Christmas. 

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