Tuesday, May 1, 2012

NWO - New World Order

 A while ago I had said that I would be posting things that were about our Government, politics, and the like - I have appreciated the comments and the fact that none of my friends feel the need to get into a political debate on my blog, FB, Twitter, or any other board - Thank you for letting me express myself and for respecting my personal opinions on the subject.

That being said - I recently saw something right in my very own neck of the woods - something that if I had a sign I would probably not have the courage to do. However, this business owner does have the courage - and I have the courage to take pictures and blog about it.

I will say that I do not disagree with the posters sentiments on the topic.  With our elections getting closer, I am appalled at how many people have forgotten that they have the right - the RIGHT - to take people out of office.  We are gluttons for punishment - re-electing the same dimwitted jokes for government officials.  Playing the "Democrat I am not / Republican I am not" games - when each office is exactly the same thing just with a different label on it.  

The other day on Facebook I posted a video that showed the comparisons between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama - they were exactly the same - in fact, they used almost the same statements word for word.  People get all fussy about President Obama and say, "I'm Voting for Romney!" and yet, they are the same in so many respects that they should just keep Barack in office... 

After posting this video, I received several comments - some of them PM's - but all of them with the same sort of thought - which was, "But Mitt is really the least harmful" - to which I say BULL-O-NAY!

If they are exactly the same, and their phrasing is almost the same, then why in the world would any person even THINK for a second that they are going to get anything different?  Why would anyone at all think that because Romney is of their own personal faith that he is going to be any better than the current regime?  That's not even logical.

So, I am just going to say it again - and I do feel strongly about this - vote for neither Republican or Democrat - Vote for the constitution - vote for someone that has not signed the Patriot Act - someone that looks out for your rights - Right now, that someone happens to be Ron Paul - and I don't care if i have to write him in, that's my RIGHT and at least I will be able to say that I tried to make a real change - not just a perceived one due to a different party being in office.

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