Monday, September 24, 2012

And you thought that you could take him just because he's Chubby...

 Over the weekend, prior to all of the soccer drama - Kadoodle and D-Man were also in their Ju-jitsu competition.  I didn't go see this as I was being a Crafty-McCrafterson this weekend (See previous post).  So, Jer went and he snapped some shots of the event.  The hind sight is that this is the event that I should not have missed.
  In comparison to the last event that the kids were involved in, this time they actually placed - and I am really sad that I missed it. BUT, Jer did take some great photos - and here they are for your pleasure and enjoyment!

 Now, Remember, I don't have all of the details.  In Fact, the most that I have is that Darrell won 1st place in the NAGA Grappling and 2nd place in something else - (See, told you that I didn't have a lot of the details -

BUT, This is what I was told - and the pictures are proof.  I know that he won a sword for the Grappling and he got a silver medal for 2nd place in, well, whatever it was that he got 2nd place in.  (I really should ask him when I see him this evening, huh?)

So, this is him in all of his Majestic 1st place glory!  (This is prior to the whole soccer fiasco) That is the little winner that I know and love so much!

 Kadoodley-doodle also did really well - Though her story is a little bit more funny - apparently she got steamrolled by a chubby kid who just laid on her.  (She doesn't yet know how to wiggle herself out of those situations.) Anyway, here are some pictures of that lovely event.
 I really like this one right here where it looks like she is giving him a serious "talkin' to".  I can't tell what he's saying to her but I imagine her saying something to the effect of, "Woah there Mister Man!  You only beat me because you are chubby and you rolled your big ole' chubby self on top of me and didn't move - that's not a fair game!  Oh No Sir!"

 This is not the clearest of images, but there they all are lined up together.  Kadoodly-doo is on the Far right hand side.  I know that it's fuzzy but she looks like she is smirking.
And here they both are at the end of the Tournament - A First, a Second, and a Third. I will have to sit down with them later and get all of the info about the tournament.  I am certain that they would paint a much different picture than what I have up here - So, Stay tuned for this post to be updated. (It will probably be later tonight.)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crafy Mc-Crafterson strikes again!

I've been pretty crafty this weekend - I would like to blame it on Pinterest, but that would not be accurate - Really, it's more that on Saturday, my Ward had a "SuperSaturday" full of crafty fun.  This is what I have been up to!

First off  - J O Y - that's right - JOY.

I haven't really finished "JOY" just yet.  I got this great idea after I was close to done about using green glitter.  I am, admittedly, a master of Freehand swirlies - so I figured "Well, I could swirlie some glue on there and then sprinkle it with glitter and THEN it would be perfect - so that is what I am going to do as soon as I got and get me some green glitter.

Next, Today I've started the dehydration process for my excess produce AND my Christmas spice jars - This year I am going to fill everyone's home with the smell of Christmas... and that means tried lemons and oranges and apples.... Took me 9 months to bust out this sucker - I hope those jars are awesome.
I also made another batch of Strawberry Jam - Why?  Because I had 8lbs of Strawberries that were not getting eaten any time soon - so I figured - why not.  Now, there is a neat trick that my mom told me about.  She said that if you turn the jars over when you have filled them and then wait until they cool off, that they will seal every single time.  Every Time? Really?  Well - I've never had it fail on me... here's what they look like - And they were successful- just as all of my other jars that have gone before it.  

We also made these really neat Jars.  They can be used with just about anything - you can put stuff in them to embellish your decor, or candy for the children that come over to visit you.  It was so simple - a wooden candlestick - painted whatever color you choose.  I preferred black since most of my decor is a chocolate brown and I didn't want to try to match a brown color.  Then after it is painted you Gorilla Glue a jar with a lid on the top of it.  These particular jars had to have the lids painted - some of the ladies painted the silver on the lids as well - I preferred to have the silver showing, so I left that part of the lid alone.  And once the glue is try, you have a lovely embellishment that you COULD Have purchased from Pier 1 - but , you didn't!  You made it yourself! YAY!! 

In January, I also said that I was going to do Washer Necklaces.  I had run into a snag, if you will.  In my brain I could NOT get past the fact that I needed "Diamond Glaze" for these suckers.  So, I had cut up all of the paper, I had the washers, I had a ton that were already glued and ready to go - But, they sat there incomplete.  UNTIL this weekend when one of the classes was "Washer Necklaces".  They used this Dimensional Mod Podge - and it works like a Charm.  I even put on the embellishment gems that I got in January!  It was so easy, and they look fantastic - make sure that you let them dry the entire way though - otherwise, they don't look so great.
The final Idea was something that they were doing for Super Saturday - But I had seen the Idea on Pinterest.  I had said that I would do one of these, but the time never seemed to permit so, the Super Saturday was a great way to get my bootay in gear and get me on the project.  Basically, they took a magnet board and covered it with lovely scrapbook paper and embellished it - I decided that I didn't have enough time and I would bring it home and make my personal adjustments here at the house.  After all, I do have an arsenal of things to work with here - 
 And this is the ALMOST finished product.  There are a few things that I have decided that I wanted to do - I need to put a hanger ribbon at the top, some Ribbon around the part underneath where it says "Menu", I think that I am going to add a few more flowers, and I am working on laminating my dinner ideas.  That is actually taking me the longest, because I am terrible at thinking up dinner ideas (Which is why this Menu Board was on my "to do" list).  But you get the idea, right?  Now I need to hit Pinterest back up and find out what everyone is cookin' for dinner these days! 

Happy Crafting everyone!

Soccer Parents are Crazies

This is your only warning - this post might be offensive to you - ESPECIALLY if your child plays with Boca U10, such as mine.   I've had a lot of things on my mind as of late, and it's time that I got them out in the open.   If you want to read further, by all means, feel free, but if you feel like you are inclined to want to argue your point and your side of things- then you just go ahead and click away from this blog right now.  Why?  Because I don't want to hear it.  It's my blog - it's a Monarchy - and I am the Queen here.  What I say on this page is final, and I will not take it back - If you don't approve, then go blog about it on your own blog, and we can have a blogging war over it.  Actually, I could care less about your response.  I probably won't even read it.  The rules have been set - and here we go.

Boca U9 was not the most pleasant of years for us in Soccer.  We felt strongly that the coach was just not doing anything to help the boys improve in any way.  We had our doubts about coming back again this year - BUT, we decided that A) Forza soccer is too expensive, and B) The Misses was going to do what he needed to do to become the coach of the U10 team and try to turn things around.

And that was the plan (Still is as far as I know it to be).  Tryouts came and went, and unfortunately, Boca U10 did not have enough boys to try out that the team had the ability to pick and choose.  Oh no.  We had to take whoever tried out and just be happy about it.  Not all of these boys belong on an X-League Team.  And that my friends is just a fact of the situation.  Realistically, I can say that sometimes even D-Man does not belong in this league (FACT). Some should not have been placed on this team.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about that - it is what it is.  We have boys that do not belong in this particular league - but we took them because that's all that we had and we made them into a team.

First Parent meeting and e-mail, the Misses tried to make it VERY clear that this team was not going to come out of the gates winning, and all the parents nodded their heads like good parents and said, "We understand!  We just want them to improve and learn to play." So, the Misses has been working with the team every Monday and Wednesday, through his summer - through his fall - through times that he wasn't well.  Before each practice he sits down and looks at game plans - what should they work on? How do they focus that energy in the games?  Each practice he goes out there and he works with those boys - together, they have improved.  Together they are doing great - but they are in a league that is really, well, OUT of their league.

So, we put them in games against teams that had a lot of boys to choose from, some who have been playing together since they were tots.  And our boys, for the last 4 games have lost.  (DEEP BREATH) Our Boys seem to understand and be alright with it.  They are troopers and they do what they can.  BUT, the parents are horrible!  The parents just sit there and complain the whole time, or they get pissed because they think that their son should have been in a different position; their son could have saved the game; their son should have been moved here, or there, or wherever.  Well, quite frankly, I am sick of hearing it.

The goalie we had yesterday didn't block as many as D-Man, but that's because the other team actually took it easy on us in part 2 of the game.  Otherwise, the poor goalie that we had yesterday could have very well had more than the 8 that passed through.  That was the score yesterday, 8 to 0.  The game prior where D-Man was the goalie, 8-1 - UM... but that game was horrible?  Remember?  You said that my son should not be in the goal - and the other team was TRYING the entire game, and it was only 8-1.  Then we put in YOUR son, and it was 8 - 0 and their team was NOT trying the 2nd half... remember that?  Yeah, I am a little irritated that D-man works his butt off and is not recognized for his efforts, because the parents are too caught up in how much better their OWN son would be.

I'm tired of hearing how the boys are not moved around enough, or how they aren't even trying.  They are trying - why don't YOU get out there and run on and off for an hour straight at 2:30 in the afternoon in the heat against parents that are in better shape than you, and tell me how you think you will fare. Just because your brain works and you can see the game does not mean that they do - they are 10 for crying out loud.  In addition to that, if you want to threaten to take your son away, feel free - One of the things that the Misses said at the beginning was that the parents should not be coaching from the sidelines, and yes, you work with your son all the time - but pulling him away from his coach during halftime to try to coach him more is not acceptable.  This is supposed to be a team effort, and though you are a great dad for working with your son when you get the time, you are not the coach.

I am tired of seeing the parents complain that I know  do not stay during the practices.  What if all the boys have worked on is making sure that they throw in up the line, or that they mark a player?  And they actually DO that during the game - is THAT not considered improvement?  Is that not showing that they learned something and are incorporating it into play?  If you haven't stayed to see what is going on in the practices, then SHUT IT.  I don't want to hear it from you when you pull me aside before or even after the game to give me your opinion about how you think the Misses is doing.  We can always have the Old Coach brought back - I know that my hubby would love to have his Monday and Wednesday nights back.

As a reminder - I want everyone to think about Utah State - the Losing college?  Remember them?  Yeah, well, they got the offensive coach from the U a few years back, and though it took a few YEARS to turn things around and get it ironed out, they are winning this year.  The key word is YEARS.  It takes TIME to correct these things - you can only polish a turd so much but it is still a turd.  So, for all you parents out there - quit being crazy.  They are 10 year olds.  They are not professionals - they aren't even teenagers yet.  They had poor coaching before and it takes time to break habits and become a cohesive unit.  You aren't going to see it right away, and your attitudes are really not helpful in ANY way.

I think that next year I am going to be more encouraging of the Misses when he says that he does not want to be involved with these things.  I will be more encouraging when the son gets 1st place in Jujitsu tournaments - and maybe I will just take him out of soccer and put him in individual sports - because he's obviously great at some things, and I don't need other parents putting him down anymore because they can't grow up long enough to realize that all of these boys are still learning and are playing out of their league.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I am a Busy Be #3 - "Light it Up!" - Random Acts of Kindness

Alas!  There were so many things that I had to make a few different posts!  This post is for the "Random Acts of Kindness" - another Jar Idea that I got from Pinterest.  The site was and the printable for this project came from:

We have been trying to pull off "Secret Santa" over the last few years - and so far, it hasn't given us the feeling that we were looking for.  I think that it's because we picked families that, though in need, seemed to expect it.  (Maybe we just weren't that great at being sneaky) Anyway, We were feeling that maybe instead of looking for just ONE family in need - we should randomly spread the love.  Then I saw this idea on Pinterest and I immediately knew that it was for us this year.

Here is the list of Ideas - some are my own ideas - the rest are printed from the PDF List above:

1 - Buy Lunch for the Car Behind you In the Drive-Thru
2 - Take a Few minutes to hold the door for everyone that walks in an office, store or Restaurant
3 - Bag groceries for another customer
4 - Leave a note in the public restroom thanking the person that cleans that stall
5 - Take a treat and note for the janitors at your child's school or janitors at work/church
6 - Bring an apple to your teacher with a note of why they make such a great one
7 - Hot coffee to someone waiting for the bus (Hot chocolate too)
8 - If you know a widow, send her a note of encouragement or find a way to help this season
9 - Think of someone overworked during the holidays and make their day brighter
10 - Bake something yummy - think of who would enjoy it the most and surprise them
11 - Surprise a stressed out mom and take her kids off her hands for a couple of hours
12 - Wait for the public bus and see if the bus driver will accept treats for the passengers (or for themselves)
13 - Go on a scavenger hunt in your home for change and take it by the Mall
14 - Thank your church staff, teachers, volunteers - they are changing lives, let's thank them.
15 - Swing by your doctor's or dentist's offices with some treats and notes for the team that helps so many
16 - Leave a note and treat in the mailbox for your postman
17 - Sneak in a friends house and clean it
18 - Hang out with the Salvation army Rep at the mall and ring the bell for him/her - give that hand a break!
19 - Take candy canes and simple notes of thanks to the mall - store by store, light em up!
20 - Hand out a balloon with a fun note - anywhere
21 - Tape quarters to bubble gum machines
22 - Wrap gifts for a neighbor or friend
23 - Stop in a favorite restaurant and offer to help clean the tables or take something off their list that day.
24 - Call cousins, aunts or other family members and just say Hi and that you love them
25 - Buy a bunch of flowers, give one away at a time as God prompts you or your child.
26 - Feed someone that is hungry
27 - Take coffee to someone that works in the cold and doesn't get appreciated enough.
28 - Have your child write a note to a friend telling them why they are special
29  -Tuck a little money into the toy section of any store with a little note for one happy boy or girl.
30 - Tape money with a note to a vending machine or soda machine
31 - Babysit for a friend so she can get some errands done or holiday shopping done
32 - Thank your local firemen with a heartfelt note and Christmas treat
33 - Leave an encouraging message using sidewalk chalk in a neighbors driveway - anonymously
34 - Clean up an elderly neighbors yard
35 - Set up a free hot cocoa stand for an area or group that cold really use it
36 - Go to your favorite grocery store and give a candy cane & Note to every person that serves you each week
37 - Find out what your local children's hospitals will allow and go spread love
38 - Find an assisted living home and see how you can spread some cheer with your little ones
39 - Pick up and put away all of the carts in the parking lot at any store in your area
40 - Sweep a neighbors porch and driveway
41 - Take a toy (or a bag full) to donate
42 - Take coats to a homeless shelter
43 - Take something by for Santa in the mall, and his helpers
44 - Find a single mom and make her day brighter and easier
45 - Find a family in your area whose family member is serving overseas and thank them in a fun way
46 - Go by an airport and wait for troops to arrive home - have a note / balloon / sign from your kids
47 - Thank your local police station with a heartfelt note and Christmas treat
48 - Go thank a librarian with a treat
49 - Make a meal for another family that could really use an extra hand
50 - Pass out donuts to your neighbors as they leave for work
51 - Resolve to refrain from negative self talk today
52 - Take coloring books & Crayons to pediatric wing in a hospital
53 - Send a gooey dessert to another table at a restaurant
54 - Collect goods for the food bank
55 - Make a special treat for the office
56 - Pay a compliment to 5 people that you don't know

Extra Ideas:
57 - Hold the Elevator for someone
58 - Offer someone an Unexpected Tip
59 - Leave a collection of Positive news clippings in a waiting room
60 - Donate an hour of your professional services
61 - Send your sibling an anonymous gift
62 - Run an errand for someone
63 - Invite someone who is alone over for dinner
64 - Leave some Chocolate
65 - Cook dinner for a busy family
66 - Write a thank you letter to your parents
67 - Instead of just thinking it, compliment someone
68 - Leave a funny or kind note in an unexpected place for a random person to find
69 - Tape an anonymous Joke somewhere
70 - Donate books to your local library
71 - Leave your favorite book in a pubic place with a note

You can also print some of the tags to put on the gifts you do - also provided to you by the lillightomine blogsite:

Now, I wanted to make sure that you all knew that I feel that when Someone else's idea from Pinterest makes it to my blog that I give the owner of said idea credit.  Please make sure that you visit the lillightomine blog!  She has some great ideas, even beyond this one.

I am so sorry, by the way, that I do not have any pictures up on this particular post - I will get them as soon as I have painted my jar.  So, if you were wanting an idea of how this thing turned out - you may want to come back for this one. . . Just sayin'.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm a Busy Be #2 - Raspberry Jam - and my Awesome Colander

Earlier this summer I made some Raspberry Jam - My Dad and I had talked and he said that he liked Raspberry Jam, but he did not like the seeds - so I made him his very own jar of seedless Jam.  (There were a few seeds, but not like a normal Jar.)  When I went to visit him this summer, we ate the jam and we talked about how I had made it seedless - the process was actually pretty time consuming, and wasteful, and difficult - So, he suggested that I get one of these lovely sieve's - Grandma had one, and he said that it would help to get rid of a lot of the seeds.

SO, I did get acquire one of these lovely Wear-ever #8, Aluminum beauties.  And I even found a local place to pick Raspberries so I could try it out.  (You can look up Cornaby's in Spanish Fork - until the First Frost, you can pick all the raspberries you want and it's only $3.00 per pound that you pick!)  So, I found that the process was a little messier than I had first anticipated.  It was a lot easier to squish the raspberries than the potato masher that I had been using, but it was still pretty messy - especially since I was trying to go "seedless".  We attempted coffee filters to help so I would just get the juice, but the awesome masher just gripped onto those and they didn't stay very well on the sides of the colander - so we did a double strain with a smaller strainer.

And this is what we came up with - 4.5 cups of Raspberry juice and a few seeds.  The picture on the left is when it is first in the Pot - on the right is when we first have it starting to cook down with a little butter added to keep foaming down.  I made sure that I had my 5.5 cups of sugar and Pectin ready to go - and My jars and lids were in some really hot water just waiting to be used. 

Then I added the Pectin and brought my lovely raspberries to a Rolling boil - which takes a little bit of time.  I have found that The kids don't seem to have a lot of patience for this - well, Kadoodle does, but D-man not so much yet.
Then I added the 5.5 cups of sugar -  and I cooked it down until it looked all dark and foreboding - like a brooding bloody mixture of awesomeness - However, this is when I noticed that more seeds had gotten through than I had first anticipated.  So, it was back to that "Strain at the end" method.  I got out my thin strainer and when things were finished cooking - I put my thin strainer over the wide mouth funnel and strained the hot liquid into jars. BEHOLD! You can almost see the difference between my "Almost seedless" jar and my other Jars - and this is after I had gotten a lot of seeds out before I even cooked them.

I think that my only disappointment with this turn out is that It only yielded 3.5 pints of cooked Jelly.  I think that it should have made more - but it didn't.  It was a lot of work to yield that few jars - no wonder people leave the seeds in.  So, I think that in the future I will probably just keep cooking the Jam WITH the seeds but strain out a Jar just for my dad.

On a side note - now what do I do with this awesome colander?  I need ideas!  Feel free to let me know what you think that I can use it for - I can't wait to mash up some strawberries with this baby!

I'm a Busy Bee #1 - Date Jar with Ideas

So - The merry month of December is coming around the corner - and I, well, I have been a busy bee.

For this post I am going to cover the Date Jar (Thank you Pinterest) - this is going to be a Christmas present for the Misses.  Why? Because we always do the same thing - "What do you want to do?" --- "Oh, I don't know, whatever you want to do.  What do you want to do?"  --- "Oh, I am fine with anything.  So, what do you want to do?"   These conversations can go on and on and on, (We have the same one when deciding on what to eat for dinner) and quite frankly I am sick of them.  Also, every time we do go out it is the same thing - Dinner, Dinner and A movie.  We rarely do anything different.  So, on my favorite site of all time (Pinterest), I saw this idea for a date jar.  The sticks were different colors based on cost and preparation.  I did the following with mine -  (PS: I am not as creative as some of you - I did put all of the ideas down for your use, just feel free to add to the ideas based on your area and what you want to do.)

Now - to make this work you will need some large Popsicle sticks, which you can get from your Local Craft Store.  I got mine at Michael's and it only cost me $3.50 for the box of 300 sticks.  Then you will want to choose three different colors of spray paint.  I liked the idea where the sticks were close to the same color, they were just prettier than the rest.  After you get them home you will want to learn from my lesson of spray paint and newspaper - don't do it.  These little babies are light-weight, so when you are trying to spray paint them they have a tendency to flip over, wet side down, on the newspaper.  When I was applying my second coat of paint I realized this and i put them on a cardboard box - (Pizza boxes work nicely)  They will still flip over from the pressure of the spray paint can, but you won't have to worry about peeling newspaper off of them later on.  Trust me - very important info there...  in the end it took about two coats to get them the way I wanted them.  However, they weren't quite as dry as I was hoping - they kept sticking together.  The Misses would be home from work soon and I had to do something.  So, I put them in a plastic sandwich bag and sprinkled baking soda on them - this prevented them from sticking together.  When I was ready to use my trusty sharpie marker to write on them, I just wiped the baking soda off on my awesome jeans, and began - so super easy.  Just don't stick your fingers in your mouth - bitter baking soda taste is NOT awesome.

And here they are !! The list of plans and colors that I used are below - but, feel free to add your own ideas when making them yourself -

Dark Green - A bit of Prep Work and More Money than a normal date - Needs Planning
Ideas:  There were only 10 ideas for this for a reason - Because at least 2 months out of the year, my sweetheart and I do not see each other.  (Part of him working in Retail.) So, November and December were left out of this for the upcoming year.
Go off the Grid Together (No TV, No Cell, No Computer)
Redo Our Bedroom (New Pillows, Bedding, Curtains, and Re-arrange)
Go To Wendover 

Re-Create our First Date
Concert and Dinner (His Choice)
Concert and Dinner (Her Choice)
Take a Cooking Class Together
Take Dancing Lessons Together
Create a Special Space out Back (Chairs, Table, Umbrella)

Hotel Weekend - Spend night at Local B&B

Medium Green - No prep work to A little bit of Prep Work - Costs a little bit of money, but nothing more than a normal date.
Ideas: There were a few of these (37 Ideas) - some can be done with kids, some can be done without kids but all of them get us out of the house and doing something other than our usual dinner and a movie (though dinner and a movie IS in this list - like a comfort blanket I could not let it go):
Picnic at Antelope Island or in the Park
Go to Rec Center and Shoot hoops
Take a fitness class together - whatever is available tonight
Dress up and have dinner at a cheap restaurant
Head to a coffee shop and chill
Go to a restaurant we've never been to before
Go see a play at a H.S. or local theater
Go to a waterpark together and enjoy the Lazy river
Go-Cart racing
Dinner and a Movie
Go to the Park and play frisbee
Go to the Park and swing together
Head to the batting cages
Go Camping
Test drive cars we don't plan to buy
Go shopping on a $5 budget for each other
Drive-in Movie
Pack blankets and drive to either the Desert or Mountains to look at the stars
Go see  a local band
Go to the Planetarium
Play Mini-Golf
Go to a Bees Game
Have Fondue
Go somewhere to watch the sunset
Grizzlies Game
Ice Skating at Rec Center
Go Zip-Lining in Park City
Pick Fruit at a Farm (Strawberries, Raspberries, Apples)
Day trip to a historical site
Go to the Zoo
Go browsing at the Flea Market
Go House hunting / Browsing
Food Crawl - Appetizer, Dinner and Dessert all at different Locations
Go to a RSL Game

Light Green - No prep work really needed - No Money needed, and you can stay close to home.
Ideas:  This list of  28 ideas is intended to not cost anything (other than the take out dinners) and keep you closer to home.  After all, sometimes you want to spend time together, but have no money in the budget - so try these on for size!
Create a Playlist and Dance Together
Go on A Bike Ride
Make a new dessert together
Put together a 1000pc. Puzzle
Go on a Walk together
Movie or TV Marathon
Go on a Hike together
Take a bubble bath together
Have a water Fight
Play a board game together
Snuggle Together and Read a book
Play a game of Croquet
With Crayons - Draw portraits of each other
Play the Wii together
Build a Snowman (if there is snow)
Build a sundae bar and create each other's sundaes
Vision Board - Create a board of goals and dreams you both would like to accomplish this year
Learn to play a song on the Piano together
Take out dinner and scrabble
Take out dinner and Boggle
Cloud watching, lay on the grass and watch the shapes
Do a silly photo shoot with each other
Movies under the Stars at the Capitol
Look through old photos and memory books
Video Blog 10 Reasons that I love you (to each other)
Go on a scenic drive
Let's go fly a kite (Wind needed)
Cook something new together

There were some other things that I did to help the idea work too - I used a wide mouth pint jar and on one side of the stick I colored it Black so when the idea is used we can turn it over and know that we've already done that one.

 There will also be a tag to remind the sweetheart of what the colors are for as well, but I haven't quite gotten the ribbon and tags and embellishments on the jar yet... maybe that will be a job that I complete today.  There are only 52 weeks in the year and there are more sticks than that, but I figured that gives a good variety in case he pulls out a stick that he's not really excited to do. (Though, maybe I should make a rule that says that if you draw it you do it - of course, that's hard if you pull the snowman one in the middle of the summertime.)

Anyway, I hope this idea will work for some of you - and Happy Homemade Christmas Making!