Monday, September 24, 2012

And you thought that you could take him just because he's Chubby...

 Over the weekend, prior to all of the soccer drama - Kadoodle and D-Man were also in their Ju-jitsu competition.  I didn't go see this as I was being a Crafty-McCrafterson this weekend (See previous post).  So, Jer went and he snapped some shots of the event.  The hind sight is that this is the event that I should not have missed.
  In comparison to the last event that the kids were involved in, this time they actually placed - and I am really sad that I missed it. BUT, Jer did take some great photos - and here they are for your pleasure and enjoyment!

 Now, Remember, I don't have all of the details.  In Fact, the most that I have is that Darrell won 1st place in the NAGA Grappling and 2nd place in something else - (See, told you that I didn't have a lot of the details -

BUT, This is what I was told - and the pictures are proof.  I know that he won a sword for the Grappling and he got a silver medal for 2nd place in, well, whatever it was that he got 2nd place in.  (I really should ask him when I see him this evening, huh?)

So, this is him in all of his Majestic 1st place glory!  (This is prior to the whole soccer fiasco) That is the little winner that I know and love so much!

 Kadoodley-doodle also did really well - Though her story is a little bit more funny - apparently she got steamrolled by a chubby kid who just laid on her.  (She doesn't yet know how to wiggle herself out of those situations.) Anyway, here are some pictures of that lovely event.
 I really like this one right here where it looks like she is giving him a serious "talkin' to".  I can't tell what he's saying to her but I imagine her saying something to the effect of, "Woah there Mister Man!  You only beat me because you are chubby and you rolled your big ole' chubby self on top of me and didn't move - that's not a fair game!  Oh No Sir!"

 This is not the clearest of images, but there they all are lined up together.  Kadoodly-doo is on the Far right hand side.  I know that it's fuzzy but she looks like she is smirking.
And here they both are at the end of the Tournament - A First, a Second, and a Third. I will have to sit down with them later and get all of the info about the tournament.  I am certain that they would paint a much different picture than what I have up here - So, Stay tuned for this post to be updated. (It will probably be later tonight.)

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