Thursday, September 13, 2012

I am a Busy Be #3 - "Light it Up!" - Random Acts of Kindness

Alas!  There were so many things that I had to make a few different posts!  This post is for the "Random Acts of Kindness" - another Jar Idea that I got from Pinterest.  The site was and the printable for this project came from:

We have been trying to pull off "Secret Santa" over the last few years - and so far, it hasn't given us the feeling that we were looking for.  I think that it's because we picked families that, though in need, seemed to expect it.  (Maybe we just weren't that great at being sneaky) Anyway, We were feeling that maybe instead of looking for just ONE family in need - we should randomly spread the love.  Then I saw this idea on Pinterest and I immediately knew that it was for us this year.

Here is the list of Ideas - some are my own ideas - the rest are printed from the PDF List above:

1 - Buy Lunch for the Car Behind you In the Drive-Thru
2 - Take a Few minutes to hold the door for everyone that walks in an office, store or Restaurant
3 - Bag groceries for another customer
4 - Leave a note in the public restroom thanking the person that cleans that stall
5 - Take a treat and note for the janitors at your child's school or janitors at work/church
6 - Bring an apple to your teacher with a note of why they make such a great one
7 - Hot coffee to someone waiting for the bus (Hot chocolate too)
8 - If you know a widow, send her a note of encouragement or find a way to help this season
9 - Think of someone overworked during the holidays and make their day brighter
10 - Bake something yummy - think of who would enjoy it the most and surprise them
11 - Surprise a stressed out mom and take her kids off her hands for a couple of hours
12 - Wait for the public bus and see if the bus driver will accept treats for the passengers (or for themselves)
13 - Go on a scavenger hunt in your home for change and take it by the Mall
14 - Thank your church staff, teachers, volunteers - they are changing lives, let's thank them.
15 - Swing by your doctor's or dentist's offices with some treats and notes for the team that helps so many
16 - Leave a note and treat in the mailbox for your postman
17 - Sneak in a friends house and clean it
18 - Hang out with the Salvation army Rep at the mall and ring the bell for him/her - give that hand a break!
19 - Take candy canes and simple notes of thanks to the mall - store by store, light em up!
20 - Hand out a balloon with a fun note - anywhere
21 - Tape quarters to bubble gum machines
22 - Wrap gifts for a neighbor or friend
23 - Stop in a favorite restaurant and offer to help clean the tables or take something off their list that day.
24 - Call cousins, aunts or other family members and just say Hi and that you love them
25 - Buy a bunch of flowers, give one away at a time as God prompts you or your child.
26 - Feed someone that is hungry
27 - Take coffee to someone that works in the cold and doesn't get appreciated enough.
28 - Have your child write a note to a friend telling them why they are special
29  -Tuck a little money into the toy section of any store with a little note for one happy boy or girl.
30 - Tape money with a note to a vending machine or soda machine
31 - Babysit for a friend so she can get some errands done or holiday shopping done
32 - Thank your local firemen with a heartfelt note and Christmas treat
33 - Leave an encouraging message using sidewalk chalk in a neighbors driveway - anonymously
34 - Clean up an elderly neighbors yard
35 - Set up a free hot cocoa stand for an area or group that cold really use it
36 - Go to your favorite grocery store and give a candy cane & Note to every person that serves you each week
37 - Find out what your local children's hospitals will allow and go spread love
38 - Find an assisted living home and see how you can spread some cheer with your little ones
39 - Pick up and put away all of the carts in the parking lot at any store in your area
40 - Sweep a neighbors porch and driveway
41 - Take a toy (or a bag full) to donate
42 - Take coats to a homeless shelter
43 - Take something by for Santa in the mall, and his helpers
44 - Find a single mom and make her day brighter and easier
45 - Find a family in your area whose family member is serving overseas and thank them in a fun way
46 - Go by an airport and wait for troops to arrive home - have a note / balloon / sign from your kids
47 - Thank your local police station with a heartfelt note and Christmas treat
48 - Go thank a librarian with a treat
49 - Make a meal for another family that could really use an extra hand
50 - Pass out donuts to your neighbors as they leave for work
51 - Resolve to refrain from negative self talk today
52 - Take coloring books & Crayons to pediatric wing in a hospital
53 - Send a gooey dessert to another table at a restaurant
54 - Collect goods for the food bank
55 - Make a special treat for the office
56 - Pay a compliment to 5 people that you don't know

Extra Ideas:
57 - Hold the Elevator for someone
58 - Offer someone an Unexpected Tip
59 - Leave a collection of Positive news clippings in a waiting room
60 - Donate an hour of your professional services
61 - Send your sibling an anonymous gift
62 - Run an errand for someone
63 - Invite someone who is alone over for dinner
64 - Leave some Chocolate
65 - Cook dinner for a busy family
66 - Write a thank you letter to your parents
67 - Instead of just thinking it, compliment someone
68 - Leave a funny or kind note in an unexpected place for a random person to find
69 - Tape an anonymous Joke somewhere
70 - Donate books to your local library
71 - Leave your favorite book in a pubic place with a note

You can also print some of the tags to put on the gifts you do - also provided to you by the lillightomine blogsite:

Now, I wanted to make sure that you all knew that I feel that when Someone else's idea from Pinterest makes it to my blog that I give the owner of said idea credit.  Please make sure that you visit the lillightomine blog!  She has some great ideas, even beyond this one.

I am so sorry, by the way, that I do not have any pictures up on this particular post - I will get them as soon as I have painted my jar.  So, if you were wanting an idea of how this thing turned out - you may want to come back for this one. . . Just sayin'.

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