Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm a Busy Bee #1 - Date Jar with Ideas

So - The merry month of December is coming around the corner - and I, well, I have been a busy bee.

For this post I am going to cover the Date Jar (Thank you Pinterest) - this is going to be a Christmas present for the Misses.  Why? Because we always do the same thing - "What do you want to do?" --- "Oh, I don't know, whatever you want to do.  What do you want to do?"  --- "Oh, I am fine with anything.  So, what do you want to do?"   These conversations can go on and on and on, (We have the same one when deciding on what to eat for dinner) and quite frankly I am sick of them.  Also, every time we do go out it is the same thing - Dinner, Dinner and A movie.  We rarely do anything different.  So, on my favorite site of all time (Pinterest), I saw this idea for a date jar.  The sticks were different colors based on cost and preparation.  I did the following with mine -  (PS: I am not as creative as some of you - I did put all of the ideas down for your use, just feel free to add to the ideas based on your area and what you want to do.)

Now - to make this work you will need some large Popsicle sticks, which you can get from your Local Craft Store.  I got mine at Michael's and it only cost me $3.50 for the box of 300 sticks.  Then you will want to choose three different colors of spray paint.  I liked the idea where the sticks were close to the same color, they were just prettier than the rest.  After you get them home you will want to learn from my lesson of spray paint and newspaper - don't do it.  These little babies are light-weight, so when you are trying to spray paint them they have a tendency to flip over, wet side down, on the newspaper.  When I was applying my second coat of paint I realized this and i put them on a cardboard box - (Pizza boxes work nicely)  They will still flip over from the pressure of the spray paint can, but you won't have to worry about peeling newspaper off of them later on.  Trust me - very important info there...  in the end it took about two coats to get them the way I wanted them.  However, they weren't quite as dry as I was hoping - they kept sticking together.  The Misses would be home from work soon and I had to do something.  So, I put them in a plastic sandwich bag and sprinkled baking soda on them - this prevented them from sticking together.  When I was ready to use my trusty sharpie marker to write on them, I just wiped the baking soda off on my awesome jeans, and began - so super easy.  Just don't stick your fingers in your mouth - bitter baking soda taste is NOT awesome.

And here they are !! The list of plans and colors that I used are below - but, feel free to add your own ideas when making them yourself -

Dark Green - A bit of Prep Work and More Money than a normal date - Needs Planning
Ideas:  There were only 10 ideas for this for a reason - Because at least 2 months out of the year, my sweetheart and I do not see each other.  (Part of him working in Retail.) So, November and December were left out of this for the upcoming year.
Go off the Grid Together (No TV, No Cell, No Computer)
Redo Our Bedroom (New Pillows, Bedding, Curtains, and Re-arrange)
Go To Wendover 

Re-Create our First Date
Concert and Dinner (His Choice)
Concert and Dinner (Her Choice)
Take a Cooking Class Together
Take Dancing Lessons Together
Create a Special Space out Back (Chairs, Table, Umbrella)

Hotel Weekend - Spend night at Local B&B

Medium Green - No prep work to A little bit of Prep Work - Costs a little bit of money, but nothing more than a normal date.
Ideas: There were a few of these (37 Ideas) - some can be done with kids, some can be done without kids but all of them get us out of the house and doing something other than our usual dinner and a movie (though dinner and a movie IS in this list - like a comfort blanket I could not let it go):
Picnic at Antelope Island or in the Park
Go to Rec Center and Shoot hoops
Take a fitness class together - whatever is available tonight
Dress up and have dinner at a cheap restaurant
Head to a coffee shop and chill
Go to a restaurant we've never been to before
Go see a play at a H.S. or local theater
Go to a waterpark together and enjoy the Lazy river
Go-Cart racing
Dinner and a Movie
Go to the Park and play frisbee
Go to the Park and swing together
Head to the batting cages
Go Camping
Test drive cars we don't plan to buy
Go shopping on a $5 budget for each other
Drive-in Movie
Pack blankets and drive to either the Desert or Mountains to look at the stars
Go see  a local band
Go to the Planetarium
Play Mini-Golf
Go to a Bees Game
Have Fondue
Go somewhere to watch the sunset
Grizzlies Game
Ice Skating at Rec Center
Go Zip-Lining in Park City
Pick Fruit at a Farm (Strawberries, Raspberries, Apples)
Day trip to a historical site
Go to the Zoo
Go browsing at the Flea Market
Go House hunting / Browsing
Food Crawl - Appetizer, Dinner and Dessert all at different Locations
Go to a RSL Game

Light Green - No prep work really needed - No Money needed, and you can stay close to home.
Ideas:  This list of  28 ideas is intended to not cost anything (other than the take out dinners) and keep you closer to home.  After all, sometimes you want to spend time together, but have no money in the budget - so try these on for size!
Create a Playlist and Dance Together
Go on A Bike Ride
Make a new dessert together
Put together a 1000pc. Puzzle
Go on a Walk together
Movie or TV Marathon
Go on a Hike together
Take a bubble bath together
Have a water Fight
Play a board game together
Snuggle Together and Read a book
Play a game of Croquet
With Crayons - Draw portraits of each other
Play the Wii together
Build a Snowman (if there is snow)
Build a sundae bar and create each other's sundaes
Vision Board - Create a board of goals and dreams you both would like to accomplish this year
Learn to play a song on the Piano together
Take out dinner and scrabble
Take out dinner and Boggle
Cloud watching, lay on the grass and watch the shapes
Do a silly photo shoot with each other
Movies under the Stars at the Capitol
Look through old photos and memory books
Video Blog 10 Reasons that I love you (to each other)
Go on a scenic drive
Let's go fly a kite (Wind needed)
Cook something new together

There were some other things that I did to help the idea work too - I used a wide mouth pint jar and on one side of the stick I colored it Black so when the idea is used we can turn it over and know that we've already done that one.

 There will also be a tag to remind the sweetheart of what the colors are for as well, but I haven't quite gotten the ribbon and tags and embellishments on the jar yet... maybe that will be a job that I complete today.  There are only 52 weeks in the year and there are more sticks than that, but I figured that gives a good variety in case he pulls out a stick that he's not really excited to do. (Though, maybe I should make a rule that says that if you draw it you do it - of course, that's hard if you pull the snowman one in the middle of the summertime.)

Anyway, I hope this idea will work for some of you - and Happy Homemade Christmas Making!


Over the Rainbow said...

Greetings from Canada!
We were surfing the net while making our family date night jar when your pretty green stix caught my eye! Once I click the source I nearly fell off my see...WE are the Russell family! :) lovely post !

Aonika Russell said...

Thank you - I hope that they worked for you! :) Let me know if you need any extra ideas. I have been putting together a list with more things to do! :)