Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soccer Parents are Crazies

This is your only warning - this post might be offensive to you - ESPECIALLY if your child plays with Boca U10, such as mine.   I've had a lot of things on my mind as of late, and it's time that I got them out in the open.   If you want to read further, by all means, feel free, but if you feel like you are inclined to want to argue your point and your side of things- then you just go ahead and click away from this blog right now.  Why?  Because I don't want to hear it.  It's my blog - it's a Monarchy - and I am the Queen here.  What I say on this page is final, and I will not take it back - If you don't approve, then go blog about it on your own blog, and we can have a blogging war over it.  Actually, I could care less about your response.  I probably won't even read it.  The rules have been set - and here we go.

Boca U9 was not the most pleasant of years for us in Soccer.  We felt strongly that the coach was just not doing anything to help the boys improve in any way.  We had our doubts about coming back again this year - BUT, we decided that A) Forza soccer is too expensive, and B) The Misses was going to do what he needed to do to become the coach of the U10 team and try to turn things around.

And that was the plan (Still is as far as I know it to be).  Tryouts came and went, and unfortunately, Boca U10 did not have enough boys to try out that the team had the ability to pick and choose.  Oh no.  We had to take whoever tried out and just be happy about it.  Not all of these boys belong on an X-League Team.  And that my friends is just a fact of the situation.  Realistically, I can say that sometimes even D-Man does not belong in this league (FACT). Some should not have been placed on this team.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about that - it is what it is.  We have boys that do not belong in this particular league - but we took them because that's all that we had and we made them into a team.

First Parent meeting and e-mail, the Misses tried to make it VERY clear that this team was not going to come out of the gates winning, and all the parents nodded their heads like good parents and said, "We understand!  We just want them to improve and learn to play." So, the Misses has been working with the team every Monday and Wednesday, through his summer - through his fall - through times that he wasn't well.  Before each practice he sits down and looks at game plans - what should they work on? How do they focus that energy in the games?  Each practice he goes out there and he works with those boys - together, they have improved.  Together they are doing great - but they are in a league that is really, well, OUT of their league.

So, we put them in games against teams that had a lot of boys to choose from, some who have been playing together since they were tots.  And our boys, for the last 4 games have lost.  (DEEP BREATH) Our Boys seem to understand and be alright with it.  They are troopers and they do what they can.  BUT, the parents are horrible!  The parents just sit there and complain the whole time, or they get pissed because they think that their son should have been in a different position; their son could have saved the game; their son should have been moved here, or there, or wherever.  Well, quite frankly, I am sick of hearing it.

The goalie we had yesterday didn't block as many as D-Man, but that's because the other team actually took it easy on us in part 2 of the game.  Otherwise, the poor goalie that we had yesterday could have very well had more than the 8 that passed through.  That was the score yesterday, 8 to 0.  The game prior where D-Man was the goalie, 8-1 - UM... but that game was horrible?  Remember?  You said that my son should not be in the goal - and the other team was TRYING the entire game, and it was only 8-1.  Then we put in YOUR son, and it was 8 - 0 and their team was NOT trying the 2nd half... remember that?  Yeah, I am a little irritated that D-man works his butt off and is not recognized for his efforts, because the parents are too caught up in how much better their OWN son would be.

I'm tired of hearing how the boys are not moved around enough, or how they aren't even trying.  They are trying - why don't YOU get out there and run on and off for an hour straight at 2:30 in the afternoon in the heat against parents that are in better shape than you, and tell me how you think you will fare. Just because your brain works and you can see the game does not mean that they do - they are 10 for crying out loud.  In addition to that, if you want to threaten to take your son away, feel free - One of the things that the Misses said at the beginning was that the parents should not be coaching from the sidelines, and yes, you work with your son all the time - but pulling him away from his coach during halftime to try to coach him more is not acceptable.  This is supposed to be a team effort, and though you are a great dad for working with your son when you get the time, you are not the coach.

I am tired of seeing the parents complain that I know  do not stay during the practices.  What if all the boys have worked on is making sure that they throw in up the line, or that they mark a player?  And they actually DO that during the game - is THAT not considered improvement?  Is that not showing that they learned something and are incorporating it into play?  If you haven't stayed to see what is going on in the practices, then SHUT IT.  I don't want to hear it from you when you pull me aside before or even after the game to give me your opinion about how you think the Misses is doing.  We can always have the Old Coach brought back - I know that my hubby would love to have his Monday and Wednesday nights back.

As a reminder - I want everyone to think about Utah State - the Losing college?  Remember them?  Yeah, well, they got the offensive coach from the U a few years back, and though it took a few YEARS to turn things around and get it ironed out, they are winning this year.  The key word is YEARS.  It takes TIME to correct these things - you can only polish a turd so much but it is still a turd.  So, for all you parents out there - quit being crazy.  They are 10 year olds.  They are not professionals - they aren't even teenagers yet.  They had poor coaching before and it takes time to break habits and become a cohesive unit.  You aren't going to see it right away, and your attitudes are really not helpful in ANY way.

I think that next year I am going to be more encouraging of the Misses when he says that he does not want to be involved with these things.  I will be more encouraging when the son gets 1st place in Jujitsu tournaments - and maybe I will just take him out of soccer and put him in individual sports - because he's obviously great at some things, and I don't need other parents putting him down anymore because they can't grow up long enough to realize that all of these boys are still learning and are playing out of their league.

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