Monday, October 8, 2012

Rolf - The Fish

 So, for My Birthday this year, Kennedy got me this amazing fish - Rolf.  We decided to call him Rolf because we all love the Muppets, and he is our most favorite one - Plus, his bottom lip sticks out and that just seemed to be very Rolf-like.  He was beautiful and Blue and after a few days in his new tank, well, he was dead. I don't mind saying that I was not very good with Fish - After all, Betta's are supposed to be resilient !

That day I went back to the PetsMart and got another Betta - but they didn't have any others that were as lovely as my blue and Purple Rolf.  So, I got the prettiest one that they did have - and named him Rolf-2 - AND, I got him a heater.  Apparently the Betta fish is a tropical fish which requires heat to function in a happy manner.
Since Introducing Rolf-2 to his new tank with the heater he has been a super happy and active fish.  We love watching him swim all over the place.  He's quite aggressive and mean to his rocks, but at the same time at least he is swimming around and not dead.  We will miss Rolf-1, but we are happy to have Rolf-2, my awesome birthday present from DD.

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